A multinational logistics and real estate investment company was looking to modernize their architectural landscape which would help them scale and cater to their growing business needs by building on-demand virtual data models using Denodo.

Business Challenge

  • Providing business users with real-time access to integrated data across the organization’s disparate and diverse data sources with speed to market and self-service while doing away with the need to replicate data sources or building out time consuming ETL.

Technology Components

  • Denodo

  • Snowflake

  • AWS Lambda

  • IICS

  • Tableau


Three primary pillars:

  • Building Blocks (Canonical) Model – Building reusable, consistent, governed single accessible layer using Denodo Logical Data Warehouse, Data Catalog, Embedded Metadata and Row level security.

  • Building a Data science Toolkit – Using Denodo microservices architecture, Model input HTTP data body, Model output data API responses and Caching to spend more time on data analysis and building On-Demand Models.

  • Pipeline based Deployment Model – Using Terraform based automation, CI/CD pipeline and Denodo Config Backup to minimize routine downtime, effective configuration management and disaster recovery.

Transformational Effects

  • Denodo virtualized building blocks were focused on business subject areas with consistent definitions across all metrics to deliver faster analysis and insights back to business.

  • The on-demand data models helped in a quick start of analytics projects, API based models and speed to market.

  • CI/CD pipelines achieved click-of-Button Denodo deployment, streamlined upgrades, centralized configuration management and eased scaling.

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