A leading vehicle rental provider (operates multiple car rental brands in nearly 10,000 corporate and franchisee locations across the globe) was finding it difficult to seamlessly roll out patch management across its 3,000-plus locations. Inadequate asset discovery and management, authorized assets management and license compliance management, besides network congestion and poor network performance were some of the other problems the company was experiencing.

Trianz successfully replaced the company’s then-existing SCCM with BigFix to eventually deliver a comprehensive Endpoint Management Platform.

The Business Challenge

The organization needed to streamline its asset management process, make patch management rollout seamless, bring all its authorized assets under a single umbrella for effective service management, introduce license compliance management, and remove network congestion to improve network performance.

Technology Components

  • BigFix
  • BigFix Inventory

The Approach

  • Installed BigFix and BigFix Inventory
  • Installed NMAP scan for network discovery and managing network inventory
  • Deployed BigFix Inventory
  • Configured Relay Affiliation (a more sophisticated control system for automatic relay selection) for better endpoint management
  • Configured Tivoli Remote Controller, OS Deployment, Power Management and MaaS360
  • Configured Lifecycle Management, Patch Management (Windows, AIX, Linux), Security Compliance Management
  • Provided steady state support for BigFix and its related/ integrated tools
  • Maintained KEDB, usage of technical and process SOPs
  • Reproduced best practices and recommendations
  • Provided lucrative solutions after understanding the big picture and post meticulous

Transformational Effects

  • Achieved effective and efficient Patch Management rollout for more than 3,000 global locations
  • Segmented BigFix infrastructure into separate logical groups through relay affiliation configuration for better management of endpoints
  • Rolled out Maa360 helping in effectively handling thin clients
  • Arrested identification of newly added assets to the network through NMAP scan – a supported, acclaimed, powerful and flexible tool for network asset discovery
  • Integrated BigFix to ICD to manage all authorized assets for ticketing and maintain a centralized asset repository

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