One of the world’s leaders in higher education association and business education networks, that provides accreditation to schools of business, needed an operational master data management system that can bring together the information from multiple systems in a streamlined manner.

The Business Challenge

  • To provide a complete picture of the data about their members and the organizations that are part of the larger business education community, the association turned to Trianz to develop a solution that would aggregate, cleanse, standardize, and publish organizational master data.

Technology Components

  • Microsoft Azure Platform - Infrastructure As A Service (IaaS), Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Master Data Services & Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services

The Approach

  • Trianz leveraged Microsoft Azure to provide the required infrastructure and host the solution for the client. Azure offers a quick way to reduce the local infrastructure footprint while developing a new platform that would allow for future technology growth
  • Microsoft Master Data Services was chosen as the software platform because the SQL Server back-end would pave the way for future data warehouse and data integration efforts while the front-end integration with Microsoft Excel enabled data stewards to quickly take control of their data.
  • SQL Server Integration Services was the logical choice for data movement activities due to its inclusion with SQL Server database services.
  • Finally, the technology solution was complemented by Trianz’ Data Governance framework that provided a vision and a plan for the right stakeholders to be involved in rules and decisions for the organization’s master data.
  • The end result of the solution architecture was to ingest data from the company ERP system, marry that information with data from the member Survey system, provide updates to the member Survey system, and make the association’s master data available to other internal and external systems.

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Transformational Effects

  • The Master Data Services & Data Governance made it much easier to start publishing and sharing the client’s Master Data to platforms that had either relied on manual data integration or existed in a silo before. It gave the organization control over its own enterprise data.
  • The project became the stepping stone to the development of an Enterprise Data Warehouse in which the association’s Master Data Entities became the building blocks of the EDW.


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