Big Data at Work!

A Fortune 500 storage systems and data management company wanted an actionable intelligence through device diagnostic data which can be transmitted from different client locations.

Business Challenge

The company’s products are designed to transmit configuration, performance and log data as auto support messages to the technical support team for problem detection and resolution. The legacy DW platform was unable to process this huge amount of data (1TB/week) and provide real-time analytics, leading to serious challenges in fulfilling SLAs. The lack of insights further limited the opportunity to cross-sell and upsell services.

Technology Components

Java/J2EE, FLUME, Pearl, Python, Shell Scripting, Hadoop - HDFS, Hbase, HIVE, Solr, Pentaho, Oracle, Kafka, Spark, and Scala

The Approach

  • Strategy and roadmap development: Assessed current state and future technology platforms and made recommendations
  • Implementation: Gathered requirements, implemented the new platform, enhanced functionality and developed downstream analytical applications
  • Operations: Maintaining the platform and providing L3 support

Transformational Effects

  • Simplified consumption of data across the enterprise with a robust, scalable, and reliable platform, ensuring uninterrupted business operations, improved product support, and elevated customer service.
  • Provided a huge opportunity to monetize data by cross-selling and up-selling services.

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