Client Overview

The client is a German global manufacturer of machine safety solutions and systems, offering their customers the world's largest product portfolio of machine safety devices for personal and machine protection. Through their extensive portfolio, the organization is firmly on the side of safety in the workplace, and one of the company's core activities is the development and manufacture of innovative components, systems and solutions.

Client’s core business objective is to build a SaaS & PaaS based platform to de-couple and monetize via API's or a full-fledged Risk Assessment product. They are looking for a partner who is having a product mindset, customer focus, market orientation, strategy alignment, culture of innovation, and top-notch technical capabilities. The essence of the client’s business objectives in alignment to the platform can be summed as:

  • PRODUCT MINDSET - Understanding that a software product solution, not only has to work on day Zero, but also needs to grow and evolve as the business does
  • CUSTOMER FOCUS - Ability to design customer-centric research and experiences throughout customer decision processes
  • MARKET ORIENTATION - Ability to deeply understand market structures, developments, driving forces and competitive strategies
  • STRATEGY ALIGNMENT - Ability to align product strategy with business strategy, and track key performance indicators and financial metrics
  • TECHNICAL CAPABILITIES - Ability to deeply understand the requirements, technology trends, define road maps and manage the product development life cycle
  • INNOVATION CULTURE - Ability to create an agile test-and-learn culture and innovation environment that would allow to co-create and co-innovate the product

Business Challenge

  • The current Risk Assessment application runs on legacy code, and supports only one region with limited features
  • Risk Assessment is not portable, is always an offline task
  • The assessment results are not e-sharable file, unless printed, and scanned
  • Platform and application are non-scalable in accordance with the market demand
  • Platform hosted at on-premises and lacks effective DR solution
  • By design, it was a monolith, rigid, and tightely coupled architecture 
  • User roles cannot be provisioned, no Single Sign-On features, and has fixed data entry templates


  • To develop a global enterprise Risk Assessment platform to be deployed across multiple geographies. The platform will digitize complete Risk assessment process with a roadmap to build analytics capabilities to create a connected ecosystem
  • The Risk Assessment suite should be accessible across Web and Mobile devices and support offline mode for Mobile App as well
  • Build a secure, scalable and loosely coupled solution architecture with Azure as the hosting platform of choice  
  • Platform should be hosted in one region and would be accessed across global regions
  • The platform being built will be a successor to the existing legacy application 
  • Upgrade product capability to onboard new customers through COTS product model 


Trianz has divided the entire product development lifecycle into 4 phases- Planning, Design, Development and SIT Phase, and UAT & Deployment. Trianz performed the due-diligence focused on assessing the existing product blueprint, creating the target product architecture design and defining the overall product strategy. We established the foundational architecture for the platform on Azure and ensured the architecture is loosely coupled. Our solution delivered through a series of following set of activities and deliverables:

  • Built from scratch, a green field business platform that provides a one stop solution to support Usability, Data Entry, Capturing of Hazard Points, Generate a draft/final Risk Assessment data, e-Share capable, and driving to the end state of Invoicing/Purchase Order creation in one single app
  • Cloud Native, built on Azure, and has the potential to scale to a PaaS and or a SaaS based product with a multi-tenant, multi-languages capability
  • Infrastructure build and deployment automation done through Azure DevOps, effectively using IaC (Infrastructure as Code) concept
  • Azure DevOps driven automated code deployment – CI/CD for integration and releases
  • Security profiles through cloud native and custom tools
  • Enabling the user journey based on the user-role 
  • Enabling the capability to present screens, and related product data, based on who logs in
  • Project inheritance, Search, Create, Delete capabilities
  • Supports CCPA/GDPR compliance requirements
  • Micro-services-based approach adopted to break the features into manageable, deployable components


  • Front end – Ionic
  • Middleware - .Net 
  • Hosting and CI/CD – Azure native 
  • QA Automation – Selenium & Appium
  • SaaS  & PaaS


The global Risk Assessment application deployed across multiple geographies globally, that completely digitized complete Risk Assessment process. The deployment of the newly redesigned application is done into the Azure environment. Our solution model relies on an industry recognized Design Thinking led Methodology incorporating ‘empathy’, ‘value’ and ‘iterative design’, that has successfully delivered the following outcomes:

  • An intuitive user interface and enhance customer experience
  • Digital workflow, eliminating dependency on manual processes and physical documentation
  • Achieving operational efficiencies with shorter assessment and project timelines creating customer value
  • Brings Market Differentiation with demonstrating innovation to customers with advanced services, real-time feedback, automated workflows and access to 
  • safety codes at fingertips establishing competitive advantage
  • A scalable solution supporting as many users as needed, deployable in multiple languages, accommodate as many local codes and safety guidelines and dynamically fetch machine specs from manufacturers database

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