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  • Missing organized File management.
  • Redundant activities for users like maintaining naming conventions, meta data etc., for the reports that belongs to the clients for every month and quarter.
  • Increased work load for users to track the files properly and sending mails to the clients for every month and quarter.
  • No proper tracking about the missing files that needs to be sent to clients in time for review.
  • Missing summary information about the files that were sent to the client.


SharePoint 2010, C#.


  • Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 is used as a collaborate platform for users to store their information and access it in a secured manner.
  • Leveraged the SharePoint document library features to store documents in an organized manner and maintain them in a proper file naming convention based on meta data.
  • Provided summary information based on the client and the month, on the document library for the users which helps to identify the files that needs to be shared with the clients and to send alerts to the content editors based on missing files.
  • Automating the redundant activities such as monthly mails and due date alerts using windows services helps the users to get rid of Mundane tasks.
  • Leveraged ribbon architecture in SharePoint 2010 to provide UI for the users to send mails along with reports from the application is just like sending the mails from outlook and lotus notes.

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  • Reduced the work load on users by automating the redundant activities which helps the users to focus more on reviewing the reports.
  • Solution helps the users to organize the files with proper naming conventions and access the reports easily.
  • Displaying summary data which helps the users to share information easily with other departments and the clients.
  • Users can effectively send emails from the application with out switching to either outlook or lotus notes.


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