RPA Based Document Management

A non-profit organization in the US provides jobs to the disabled individuals by selling the goods received as donations. The client has 30,000 square feet of retail space at 25 locations. It has 70 sites where donations are accepted and 15 centers for training and employment.

Business Challenge

  • The client was facing 35% attrition annually. The documentation and paper-based processes were becoming tedious and time-consuming. Also, the HR and Payroll process and the approval cycle was lengthy.

Technology Components

  • Document Management System, UIPath, Windows servers, APIs


  • Configured the document management system chosen by the client

  • Automated the manual operations with RPA solutions

  • Implemented an automated document routing and auto approvals system

  • Facilitated automatic updating of records based on set parameters

Transformational Effects

  • Eliminated paper storage

  • 25% reduction in effort and time spent on verification and approvals

  • 70% reduction in repeated enquiries

  • Considerable dollar savings

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