Managing All Servers, Desktops, and Laptops Within a Single Console

Trianz was approached by a managed services provider (MSP) that wanted to build an endpoint management system. As part of the FinTech 100, this client represents the best in financial technology implementation and managed service provision.

Business Challenges for the FinTech Managed Services Provider


With hundreds of clients and dozens of servers to manage with each client, the managed services provider needed a way to automate server patching and security management workflows.

Disparate tools were in use, creating inconsistencies between different managed service plans delivered to each client. This complicated reporting and implementation procedures and did not support automation resulting in manual patch updates.

How Trianz Built a New Centralized Endpoint Management Solution

Trianz worked with the managed services provider by conducting workshops to educate personnel on new automation tools. Then, a plan was created to deploy automations in a phased manner according to the managed service provider’s customer requirements.

IBM BigFix Patching was implemented to convert manual patch processes into tried-and-tested automation playbooks. Realize Orchestration is a modern workflow automation platform that was combined with BigFix to create new virtual machines on-demand with up-to-date software and security patches.

A new process for detecting the host operating system vendor was designed and implemented, helping the managed service provider to deploy the right updates to the right environment.

By automating the orchestration of new virtual machines, the managed service provider could deliver the latest software patches at a much faster rate than previously seen with its manual build processes.

A new software distribution automation solution was created containing fixlets, or software management scripts. This allowed automated fixlets to conduct installations, updates, and uninstallations without human intervention.

Transformational Effects for the Managed Services Provider with a New Automated Patching Solution

The managed services provider now has a centralized and automated solution that can patch all servers, including operating systems and installed applications. It is now possible to orchestrate updates and view servers through a unified management console, greatly simplifying client endpoint management for the MSP. This led to efficiency improvements in patch deployment, software deployment, and server automation, promoting higher standards of managed service provision to its customers.

Newly built servers were also covered with an automated approach for server updates, including Sophos virus definition updates, pattern updates to heuristically detect malware, and agent updates.

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