A global leader in the security and protection industry was interested in digitizing their B2B customer interactions to improve their customer experience, increase revenue, and reduce the cost of both, infrastructure maintenance and administration. By not having an intuitive system in place, the company’s customers were experiencing inconsistent interactions and turning to other sources.

The client partnered with us to build self-service portals and region-specific marketing sites. A responsive design allowed the company to provide a seamless user experience and further integrate their content management system. A user management system and SSO with multi-factor authentication was enabled to secure access across devices and locations. We also facilitated infrastructure sizing, consolidation and hosting for multiple countries with seamless monitoring, logging, and reporting. Finally, analytics were employed to track customers, interactions, and marketing metrics while improving overall Customer Experience.

The Business Challenge

Customers around the globe were experiencing inconsistencies on the client’s websites and portals while authentication processes provided only limited accessibility. This combination of issues resulted in pileups of unresolved issues and spikes in service calls.

Technology Components

Liferay, Oracle, Okta – SSO, BizTalk, Dynatrace (monitoring, logging, and reporting), Apache Ant, Eclipse, Liferay MVC portlet

The Approach

  • Developed geo-specific marketing portals leveraging content management system
  • Hosted environment in a centralized Liferay 6.2 for seamless experience
  • Enabled application integration including complex workflows
  • Used federated identity management for secure access
  • Build portal interface using ESB pulling information from downstream systems
  • Developed responsive design to support access from multiple devices
  • Built real-time reports and analytics

Transformational Effects

Redesigned online interactions improved user experience, increasing daily site visits by 30%. The number of help desk calls was reduced 60%, dropping the number of expired credentials tickets by 90%. 25% lower infrastructure costs paved the way for new technology like instant alerts for suspicious activity.

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