IT Operations with actionable insights from Event Data

The client is a leading provider of in-flight broadband internet service around the world and also offers other connectivity services for commercial and business aircraft. It is headquartered in Chicago.

Business Challenge

  • The client had multiple tools with overlapping functions and interfaces that hampered visibility into IT operations. Multiple trouble tickets were generated because of duplicate events for single issues, negatively impacting the effectiveness of the IT operation team. Also, the inability to identify actionable events and recognize trend patterns from real-time and archive events were preventing the decision-making ability on capacity planning.

Technology Component

  • IBM Netcool Operations Insights, IT Operational Analytics, IBM Dash and ServiceNow

  • Insight Packs for event data analytics, ITOM data from various monitoring tools


  • Conducted workshops with business and IT stakeholders to understand business needs

  • Implemented Netcool Operations Insight solutions (NOI) with IBM Operations Analytics to identify bottlenecks and problems from operational data including events, infrastructure and application monitoring metrics 

  • Integrated various monitoring solutions with NOI and developed correlation polices to de-duplicate events.

  • Created dashboards to monitor business services health and performance

  • Integrated NOI solution with ServiceNow Incident management to automate tickets

  • Implemented customized XinY threshold UI interface for NOC team to modify the threshold values on demand

Transformational Effects

  • Reduced events load and improved MTTR

  • Integrated visualization and dashboarding to provide a single interface for the entire IT operation

  • Implemented user-friendly and easy-to-use event analysis and search functionalities for incidents

  • Gained visibility into event patterns which enabled NOC team to proactively address potential outages and reduce problem tickets

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