Tier 1 Insurance Company in the US

Building a Document Sharing System


  • Borrowers / Attorney / consultants have to collaborate over a potential real estate deal and initiate to share and work with deal and loan documents
  • Provide a centralized document sharing and migration hub and allow external users to access their business artefacts over web in a sate and secure manner.


SharePoint 2010, Virto Bulk Uploader


  • Implemented a custom solution to provisioning site and provide access for external users to access the site and allows them to upload deal/loan documents.
  • Implemented Metadata Tagging , Corporate Metadata Management.
  • Implemented document management with document promotion feature.
  • Implemented Enterprise Search to fetch documents using various parameters.
  • Created a repository on SharePoint for easy document migration.
  • Custom People Picker implementation for External AD Users.

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  • Improve collaboration of different parties involved over a deal.
  • Easy sharing of document and archiving.
  • The solution is easy to use and support and scalable when documents over 10 MB are involved in the transaction.


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