A leading global healthcare provider sought to leverage cloud infrastructure to build a secure, scalable and industry-compliant cloud platform that its internal teams can use for large and complex analytics in the US and Europe. The platform must follow the region-wise compliance requirements. The entire engagement encompassed a multi-vendor, multi-region deployment with a tight timeline.

The Business Challenge

The client wanted to build a data analytics platform for its teams to use across Europe and the US. The platform must be flexible, scalable, secure and conform to the regional standards and compliance on healthcare data.

Technology Components





  • AWS Glue


  • SageMaker

  • AWS Lambda

  • AWS CloudWatch/Trial


  • AWS EC2



  • AWS S3

  • Elasticsearch

  • AWS Cognito

  • AWS DynamoDB

  • Other Platforms: Jenkins, HashiCorp Terraform, GitHub, Chef, Ansible, New Relic

The Approach

  • Automation - Built CI/CD Jenkins pipelines to deploy AWS cloud components using Infrastructure as code (IaC) - (Git + Terraform).

  • Implemented systems software configuration/patching automation using Chef and Ansible to adhere with GEHC compliance and security controls.

Transformational Effects

  • Client’s teams can now manage the entire cloud infrastructure and systems configuration using Automation IaC to deploy various platform environments across geographies.

  • After proving the viability of the design to various internal customers, the Europe region has been launched and is deemed a successful platform.

  • All maintenance activities, including monitoring and stabilization has started.

  • The US region platform is now in the final phase of testing by various teams and is expected to be launched by the end of this year.

  • Operation Automation:
    • Reduced 80% of downtime with the blue/green method of application rollout

    • Reduced the timespan to spin up a new application based on demand

  • Enhanced Security:
    • Passed external & internal audits

  • High-Availability:
    • Reduced false alarms

    • Auto-remediated common anomalies

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