The company needed to utilize its asset management function to its fullest potential, in addition to creating software compliance results and implement industry best practices for Software Asset Management (SAM).


  • ServiceNow
  • BDNA Discover


  • Process Engineering: Developed and implemented asset and configuration management process based on a best practices framework
  • Solution Architecture: Designed, developed and implemented ServiceNow configuration, asset management (hardware and software) and integration between ServiceNow and other sources to bring configuration and asset data
  • Implemented ITIL process for configuration management to remove the gaps in the existing process|Improved service management efficiency by 25%
  • Provided thought leadership in driving efficiency and best practices
  • Developed and implemented repeatable process, reducing administrative overheads
  • Established better visibility from other ITSM applications into all the CIs and its contractual information

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  • Reduced high levels of customization in asset management process | Replaced with out-of-the-box functionality in ServiceNow throughout the lifecycle of a CI and its relationships
  • Captured in-depth details of all critical assets (including hardware and software) by integrating ServiceNow using BDNA Discover
  • Provided various reports to help the organization identify the software contract information sources, including number of licenses (rights) owned, the usage of the licenses, and the compliance levels
  • Enabled proactive SAM
  • Conducted periodic workshops on software/ hardware asset management with organization’s IT and business teams


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