Helping a Logistics Provider Harness Software Asset Management

Trianz was approached by a logistics services provider needing help with software asset management. This client was seeking to utilize its asset management function at full efficiency, while adopting new software compliance frameworks and industry best practices as it transitioned to a Software Asset Management (SAM) platform.

Challenges for the Logistics Company in Asset Management


The logistics company handled hundreds of thousands of assets per day in its delivery network. Tracking, checking in, and reporting lost payloads was difficult, and finding information on ownership and asset handling was slow and inefficient due to outdated systems.

The logistics company needed a SAM solution to reduce manual data input workloads, improve data accessibility for drivers performing fieldwork, and adopt more robust data security and governance processes.

Technology Components Curated by Trianz for the Logistics Provider

After consulting with the logistics firm, Trianz identified a number of solutions that would help it meet project objectives:

  • ServiceNow was chosen as an end-to-end solution for IT service management (ITSM) and IT operations management. The platform can orchestrate IT resources, obfuscate interactions between services through a centralized accessibility layer, and automate numerous workflows to simplify work for employees.

  • Business DNA (BDNA) Discover is a software and hardware asset identification platform that uses agentless technologies to perform horizontal and vertical network discovery workflows. Level 1 can identify hardware and software assets, with Level 2 revealing asset metadata, and Level 3 offering application identification in runtime environments.

How Trianz Helped the Logistics Provider to Develop a SAM Platform

To start, Trianz developed and implemented asset and configuration management best-practice frameworks for the logistics provider. This is a form of process engineering.

Next, a solution architecture was built. This involved the design, development, and implementation of ServiceNow CMDB and ServiceNow Asset Management tools, with data pipeline creation to centralize all configuration item and asset datasets in ServiceNow.

The IT Infrastructure Library framework was adopted to manage processes around configuration management. This eliminated gaps in existing processes to improve overall service management efficiency by 25%.

Consultation and thought leadership with key stakeholders communicated the importance of compliance frameworks and industry best practices. Our data experts also guided stakeholders in transforming their individual departments’ processes and workflows to align with new policies and frameworks.

New, repeatable processes and workflows were developed to reduce administrative overhead.

Overall visibility into ITSM was greatly improved as configuration items and contractual information were readily available in a centralized location.

Transformational Effects for the Logistics Provider With SAM

Custom parameters were replaced with standardized parameters in alignment with the ServiceNow out-of-box-experience. This reduced the number of configuration variables, streamlining configuration item lifecycle management.

All critical-priority hardware and software assets were identified with comprehensive metadata by integrating ServiceNow with BDNA Discover.

Reporting frameworks were established to help the organization identify software contract data, including license volumes, licensing permissions, and license compliance versus runtime.

The new SAM platform was proactive rather than reactive, helping the logistics provider to plan ahead and foresee challenges and trends.

Trianz conducted ongoing workshops to help elevate understanding among stakeholders and the workforce on software or hardware asset management best practices.

Experience the Trianz Difference

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Powered by knowledge, research, and experience, we enable clients to transform their business ecosystems and achieve superior performance by leveraging infrastructure, cloud, analytics, digital, and security paradigms. Reach out to get in touch or learn more.

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