The organization needed to implement a service catalog for its cloud infrastructure operations to support its IT processes and efficiently manage changes in its IT infrastructure.


  • ServiceNow Service Catalog


  • Trianz implemented several best practices -- from gathering clear and specific requirements from the organization’s business and IT teams, to detailing out the plan considering both processes and tools -- to implement the service catalog.


  • Empowered the business and technical users to interact and order the services they need to do their job
  • Provided transparency into the approval process, and allowed users to track the progress of their own requests
  • Service Catalog enabled client to deliver standardized services, capture data for an array of Department Services, coordinate transfer pricing between departments, and improve internal controls with full audit capabilities
  • Provided services that are relevant, reliable, and easy to understand (more intuitive)
  • Provided more seamless automation and data sharing with most ITSM functions now residing on ServiceNow (Incident, Problem, Change, Asset)
  • Provided thought leadership in driving efficiency and best practices
  • Delivered IT services through a single IT operations portal Improved data center efficiencies through automation Creation of automatic incident requests, approval and SLA configuration resulted in better efficiency with minimal effort
  • Automation through orchestration resulted in better efficiency with minimal effort

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