Business service health monitoring and event correlation to minimize MTTR

The client is a diversified global insurer with operations around the world and provides insurance products and services to meet the needs of individuals, families, and businesses. The client was looking for an ITOps platform with intelligent algorithms and also wanted to reduce its incident levels through data-driven analytics.

Business Challenge

  • The client was facing increased mean time to repair (MTTR). A lack of visibility into business services health and interdependent services and an inability to reduce event noise due to manual thresholds and rule-based alerts were causing a lot of issues. Additionally, there were problems with inefficient correlation leading to an increase in MTTR/MTTD and a lack of situational awareness across business services.


  • Conducted workshops with business and IT stakeholders to understand the challenges

  • Prototyped a solution and presented the approach to the client

  • Collected sample operations data from various monitoring solutions and developed correlation polices to deduplication of events

  • Integrated Splunk ITSI with BMC to collect and analyse event and incident data

  • Utilized out-of-the-box algorithms in Splunk ITSI for incident prediction

  • Developed custom algorithms for incident and event correlation

  • Created dashboards in Splunk to monitor business services health and performance

  • Demonstrated incident prediction model based on historical events and trends


Transformational Effects

  • Effective RCA (Root Cause Analysis) using consolidated ITOM data in one place

  • Anomaly detection and proactive incident remediation

  • Consolidated view of critical KPI’s, metrics and business services health

  • Insights into historical trend, patterns and problem areas

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