Helping a Global Software Giant Subsidiary Migrate from Public Cloud to AWS

Trianz was approached by a global software giant subsidiary for assistance in migrating from the public cloud to AWS. This client provides innovative software products that can be hosted either on-premises or in the cloud.

Challenges for the Software Giant Subsidiary in Infrastructure Scaling and Security


The client was struggling to scale its cloud infrastructure in an efficient and reliable manner. This coincided with problems hosting in a multi-tenant environment, where cloud instance separation and data governance workflows was difficult.

The software giant subsidiary lacked a central security management system and inherited the deployed architecture without sufficient documentation to understand its inner workings.

Technology Components Introduced by Trianz for the Software Giant Subsidiary

To start, Trianz performed a top-down assessment of the client’s infrastructure environment before introducing the following technology components:

  • CloudTrail was used for monitoring audit trails.

  • Identity Access Management was used to govern applications and data with role-based access controls.

  • Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) enabled private, isolated cloud instances to improve multi-tenant orchestration within its software platform.

  • Network Security Groups were added to govern firewall operations.

  • Elastic Compute 2 was used to elastically auto-scale compute workloads, ensuring resource availability at peak utilization and cost savings during quieter periods.

  • Elastic Load Balancing was adopted to distribute incoming application network requests and balance workloads across EC2, containers, and other network resources.

  • The existing Infrastructure-as-a-Service platform was replaced with Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS).

  • This included a migration from virtual-machine-based MySQL to the AWS Relational Database Service for MySQL.

  • Network Address Translation workloads were redirected to the AWS NAT Gateway.

  • Object-based storage was offloaded to the AWS Simple Storage Service.

  • AWS CloudWatch was the monitoring and alerting solution of choice.

How Trianz Helped the Subsidiary to Scale and Secure its Software Platform

By using PaaS, Trianz could quickly develop and implement a scalable, architecture-based deployment for the software subsidiary.

Multiple availability zones were added to distribute network traffic and get closer to the edge, reducing latency and increasing bandwidth throughput.

A centralized and dedicated VPC environment was created to host multi-tenant shared services, eliminating the previous cloud instance separation and data governance challenges.

Each application type was provisioned its own VPC to improve reliability, stability, and predictability. This coincided with a complete redevelopment of the application stack by the application team at Trianz.

Transformational Effects with the New PaaS Software Environment for the Software Subsidiary

Omni-channel commerce operations were successfully migrated from the previous public cloud architecture to AWS. AWS enabled elastic auto-scaling on a per-service level, greatly improving granularity of control for the software subsidiary.

A new Central Security Management solution plugged security holes and compliance problems at the infrastructure level. The PaaS adoption resulted in new service level agreements (SLAs) that offloaded the IT operations management burden from the software subsidiary to AWS, thus reducing workloads.

This new solution was fault-tolerant and highly available thanks to these new SLAs, greatly improving the quality of application service delivery over the web. Trianz conducted workshops to educate stakeholders and the workforce on operational best practices.

Finally, a full library of documentation was written and supplied to the software subsidiary, ensuring clarity and technical understanding in the years to come.

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