Subsidiary of a global software giant, that develops innovative software products and offers them on premise or as cloud-hosted business platforms, needed to migrate its infrastructure from a public cloud to AWS.

The Business Challenge

The client was unable to scale the infrastructure and found it difficult to host the multitenant solution on existing cloud platform. Lack of a central security management system and a limited understanding of current deployment architecture from available documentation also increased the challenge.

Technology Components

  • CloudTrail for audit trail purposes
  • IAM for Role-Based Access Control
  • VPC for hosting the solution
  • Security Groups for firewalling
  • EC2 for compute
  • ELB for load balancing
  • IaaS upgraded to PaaS
    • MySQL on Cloud VM to AWS RDS MySQL
    • NATing offloaded to AWS NAT Gateway
    • Object storage offloaded to S3
    • CloudWatch for monitoring and alerting

The Approach

  • Scalable, architecture-based deployment
    • Multiple availability zones created to enable high availability
    • Central services VPC to host shared services
    • Multiple dedicated application-specific VPCs
  • Application stack was rebuilt by application team

Transformational Effects

  • All omnichannel commerce solutions successfully moved from existing public cloud to AWS
  • Scalable architecture at individual service as well as at solution level
  • Central Security Management solution enhanced the infrastructure security
  • PaaS services employed for higher level of management of services
  • Fault tolerance and highly available solution (limited by application capability)
  • Client educated on AWS as well as day-to-day operations best practices
  • Complete AWS deployment documentation support

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