Infrastructure Monitoring and VM Server Automation

A leading insurance company in the US sought to automate repetitive and routine IT Tasks of restarting the servers to reduce downtime using Robotic Process Automation in order to reduce manual effort and increase accuracy.

Business Challenge

The client had to restart 25000 VM Servers after patches were applied to manage the server workloads, reduce the server downtime and troubleshoot the servers in case of a failure or a spike in the workload on certain periods, resulting in delays and more staffing.

Technology Components

  • UiPath

  • Various application technologies were automated from B2B Tools, Dell Boom, vSphere, JIRA, VMware, MC, BladeLogic


  • Identified the steps involved in the restart process i.e. the hostname from JIRA and mapping the corresponding jobs and rules triggering the workflow.

  • Setup a workflow that is either scheduled or automatically triggered via an event

  • Notification after restart and logging a ticket in BMC if the process results in a failure, minimizing the downtimes;

  • Supported business outreach to educate broader organization of RPA capabilities

Transformational Effects

  • Minimized downtime needed for server restarts and incidents

  • Reduced the cost of automating remote computer shutdown, standby or hibernate modes

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