A North American full-service research and evaluation firm, working to create social and health solutions to serve underserved populations globally, needed a cost-effective and scalable intranet portal.


  • Lack of an internal communication channel was hampering information dissemination and collaboration | Absence of centralized space for document management was creating knowledge silos
  • Unavailability of single entry point for applications and personalization, infrastructure, IT and budgetary freedom


  • Liferay 7 DXP, Apache, Java, jQuery, JavaScript, AJAX Tomcat 7.0 ,MySQL 5.6,Jenkins,SSL, AWS - S3, Clustering, Adobe Creative Suite.


  • Adopted Show and Tell Approach to provide end-state view to business users
  • Deployed Liferay 7 DXP Portal Infrastructure on Amazon Cloud (FedRAMP?) to enable responsive web design
  • Developed intranet portal for employees and clients | Enabled knowledge and information exchange on scalable and secure architecture capable of personalization
  • Integrated DevOps platforms/ tools identified and leveraged by client with cloud deployment
  • Enabled monitoring, logging, reporting exception, error handling capabilities
  • Conducted performance tests, user training workshops | Made training/ user manuals and videos available
  • Extended support for infrastructure and portal post implementation

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  • Increased employee satisfaction and engagement | Improved participation among citizens and communities
  • Enabled multiple integrations and an unified view for employees and clients
  • Reduced time taken to publish updates
  • Brought response time of a page to < 3 seconds
  • Enabled usability across multiple platforms – PCs, mobiles, tablets


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