IoT platform evaluation, product development & operational strategy

The client is an operator of Smart Grid Communications Infrastructure (SGCI) nodes using broadband frequency carriers modulated on distribution grid power cables.

Business Challenge

  • The client lacked a centralized network management system (NMS) to manage smart grid devices, resulting in service level agreements violations, penalty payments, and operations budget exceeding limits.


  • Assessed current state deployment, challenges with existing deployment and growth forecast for the next five years

  • Performed detailed assessment on existing IoT solutions and NMS solutions considering parameters including scalability, security, network discovery, topology and configuration management

  • Partnered with customer to identify the tool of choice

  • Defined a conceptual end state IoT platform and endpoint architecture to meet business & IT needs

  • Co-developed the IoT solution that can be used to manage up to 10 million devices

Transformational Effects

  • Delivered comprehensive analysis on IoT platforms with categorized scoring

  • Deep insights into strengths and weaknesses of the current and near-future capabilities of Enterprise Network Management Solutions and IoT platform

  • Developed a product roadmap for IoT solution starting with definitions for MVP release

  • Defined strategy for scaling the deployment of the solution to meet the target of 10 million

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