A centralized event management, self-healing and auto-remediation of incidents

A payment processing network operator - supporting more than 725 million credit and debit card transactions globally - was facing visibility issues. Due to a lack of insight into IT infrastructure and applications and an inability to assess critical incidents in real-time, the company was losing transactions and business. The client wanted to ensure it complies with the data security standards requirements of the Payment Card industry and see that its inbound processes are well-equipped with these standards. It was also looking to enhance its existing tools with the industry’s current best practices and apply security recommendations as defined in the security policies for monitoring infrastructure.

Business Challenge

The client had deployed a separate ServiceNow instance for Service Management and the resulting process gaps were leading to issues related to audits, especially Change Management. The client was looking to conduct an assessment of all of its ITIL processes to address the gaps and identify areas for improvisation. Their objective was to conduct specific workshops focused on aligning processes with the Payment Card Industry – Data Security Standards (PCI-DSS). The client also wanted to enhance the ServiceNow instance and process modules with industry best practices. Also, CSF and KPIs were not configured/measured properly.


  • Conducted classroom workshops leveraging a scenario-based approach to understand the current state of the "AS-IS" process based on the Gap Analysis report.

  • Determined the desired "TO-BE" state during the workshop and understand current pain points and challenges by conducting interview sessions with the relevant stakeholders.

  • Identified action items during the process based on the concepts discussed and distributed amongst both parties depending on the required output.

  • Defined the process by adopting best practices as per the ITIL v3 framework aligned to business needs.

  • Provided a walkthrough for the final sign-off.

Transformational Effects

  • Alignment of the current processes with PCI-DSS requirements and created detailed knowledge articles/reference guides beneficial for practical use.

  • Highly efficient KPIs and metrics defined to enhance user experience.

  • Defined step-by-step flowcharts that aligns with GBT organization structure.

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