Assessment & Roadmap for Enhanced BI Environment

A major league baseball team wanted to reduce their enterprise reporting costs while increasing the data availability to their analysts. The client was also looking to lower the entry barrier for their data scientists.

Business Challenge

  • High costs associated with enterprise reporting in software fees, entry barrier for stakeholders to access data outside of canned reports, and a need for high volume delivery of reports.

Technology Components

  • ORACLE Database, Looker


  • Reviewed the OBIEE reporting environment with the client and identified reports to migrate from OBIEE to Looker, reducing the number of reports as well as maintenance costs

  • Documented and reviewed all reports to be migrated

  • Created Looker Looks, Dashboard, and LookML required to recreate the OBIEE environment

  • Worked with the client to determine the Data Story and identify requests from analysts and other stakeholders

Transformational Effects

  • BI environment has now become a centerpiece of analysis and a core function of their operational workflows

  • Freed up key resources who could focus on high value tasks

  • Enhanced reporting with visualizations

  • Created First Executive Dashboards, providing aggregated daily insights for executives

  • Provided a platform for data scientists, salesmen, and analysts to integrate data directly into their workstream, increasing efficiency and decreasing time to insight and action

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