A centralized system for managing contracts/vendors and ITSM integration for overall compliance

A payment processing network operator supporting more than 725 million credit and debit card transactions globally was facing visibility issues. Due to lack of insight into IT infrastructure and applications and an inability to assess critical incidents in real-time, the company was losing transactions and business. The client wanted to have a clear visibility on the existing software contracts (both SKU and SAAS based products) including license visibility, renewal, and a complete track of software usage.

Business Challenge

  • The client had no centralized tool to achieve license compliance across the vendors. There was a lack of visibility on contract renewals with a lot of dollars being spent on software. There was no proper visibility on application usage and no proper utilization of ITSM solution for asset management. The client was also finding it difficult to manage assets without a centralized asset repository.

Technology Components

  • Flexera FlexNet manager suite & Flexera App portal


  • Implemented the Flexera FlexNet and App portal

  • Integrated the Flexera FlexNet with ITSM tools (ICD and BMC)

  • Provided a steady-state support

Transformational Effects

  • A single dashboard representation for license compliances from various vendors in a centralized tool

  • A centralized system for managing contracts and vendors besides tracking application use

  • Reclamation of the licenses for the application which are not in use

  • Get an overall compliance position of the organization for various publishers through ITSM integration

  • Easy creation of assets during the procurement phase and linking to the device after discovering the asset in the network

  • Tracking of the whole lifecycle of the assets within the tool from the procurement stage until it is phased out

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