Proactive Part Number Monitoring

A leading data storage company in the US sought to automate their part number auditing process using Robotic Process Automation to reduce manual effort and increase accuracy across the organization.

Business Challenge

The client's part number creation process involved setting up attributes in multiple systems by multiple owners. Also, the products were available for sales even before the completion of the part numbers set up. This resulted in a cumbersome audit process performed manually.

Technology Components

  • RPA vendors were evaluated and UiPath was selected because of the ease of development and cost

  • Various application technologies were automated including Lotus Notes, Agile to SAP


  • Identified the manual steps involved in the end-to-end part number audit process and highlighted the business benefits and ROI of automating using RPA

  • Supported business outreach to educate broader organization of RPA capabilities

  • Pilot automation was developed in 10 days, and is being used to prove value, technology & approach

Transformational Effects

  • Reduced cycle time by >80% and improved accuracy

  • Reactive audit process resulted in fewer missed/late orders

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