Product Engineering Cloudification

The software conglomerate develops innovative software products and offers them on-prem or as cloud-hosted business platforms.

Business Challenge

Proactive and reactive support for managing the client’s operating system, application deployment and production.

Technology Components

AWS and Trianz’ Cloud Support Portal


  • Established automation through scripts, tools, etc. where necessary for efficiency, monitoring and easy infrastructure management.

  • Integrated DevOps platforms/tools identified and leveraged by client through cloud deployment.

  • Periodically reviewed architecture and provided necessary feedback towards (cost) optimization as per best practices.

  • Performed load testing on target test infrastructure for performance tuning of the infrastructure.

  • Provided a portal login, Cloud Support Portal, to help the client raise support requests and have access to relevant information on the supported environment.

Transformational Effects

  • Minimized downtime by eliminating trial and error.

  • Enhanced visibility of software-hardware allocations and capacity monitoring.

  • Facilitated usage-based allocations of revenue/cost centers directly into general ledger; streamlined new hire onboarding process using a single self-service offering and auto routing of those requests, reducing the manual effort.

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