An SOC-compliant, 24x7 network operations center utilizing ITIL framework for operations and incident management

One of the largest data center hosting services provider that currently operates 175+ data centers in 44 major metropolitan areas in 22 countries across five continents.

Business Challenge

  • Availability of multiple tools for performing similar functionalities

  • Lack of centralized repository

  • Identifying patch vulnerabilities, non-compliance configurations across the network

  • Compliance issues with OS patching and 3rd party application patching

Business Objectives

  • To manage software across different platforms

  • To enforce continuous security compliance that validates the security threats and remediates the issues in real-time

  • Policy visibility between IT Operations and Security

  • Support and control of workstations from a central location

  • Real-time visibility to endpoint changes

  • Speed and accuracy

The Approach

  • Strategy to build BigFix Infrastructure and distribute BigFix agent to all servers/desktops/laptops

  • Implementation of Bigfix to eliminate the drawbacks with the existing solution and to secure the servers/desktop./laptops in an effective manner

  • Process for deploying patches related to operating system vendor

  • Automated Bigfix agent deployment solution to install BigFix agent and configure all client related settings

  • Distribute remote control agent to all servers/desktops/laptops to manage/access those machines remotely

  • Deploy scanners across all servers/desktops/laptops to discover software and hardware data

  • Configure all security health check related settings based on customer agreed technical specification documents and scan all machines to find and remediate all non-compliant settings

Transformational Effects

  • Provided a centralized solution to manage all servers, desktops and laptops within single console (patch deployment, software deployment, software & hardware inventory, remote control, security and compliance).

  • Provided an automated approach to update all servers with security related policies, which includes virus definition updates, pattern updates and agent updates.

  • Effective handling of security threats and vulnerabilities, and real-time visualization of current status.

  • Facility to control/access desktops/laptops/servers remotely

  • Perform security health check scan and ensure all configurations are compliant

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