Assessment, Roadmap and Data Governance Consulting to Enhance and Automate Effectiveness

The client is a leading provider of unified solution for IT Security, IT Service Management, IT Asset Management, Unified Endpoint Management, Identity Management and Supply Chain Management. Through a merger of two prominent firms and other acquisitions, the firm has grown to become a global enterprise with 1,600 employees in 23 countries. The client engaged Trianz to enhance and automate effectiveness.

Business Challenge

The firm leverages to manage its customer leads, contacts and accounts and assign sales territories. Their new unified sales strategy required integrating customer and sales rep hierarchies to more effectively cross-sell and upsell. However, a recent acquisition resulted in a significant amount of duplicate customer and account records within Salesforce.

The Approach

In early 2017, the organization engaged Trianz to perform a detailed assessment of the situation and develop a strategy and roadmap to resolve their biggest issues. This included the following recommendations:

  • Adopt new governance structures and align resources to support the firm’s new unified sales strategy.

  • Fix data at rest and enhance the ‘sales lead to order’ process with automated duplicate checking.

  • Automate their complex Sales Territory Assignment rules.

Upon acceptance of Trianz’ recommendations, the organization created an in-house project to fix data at rest. In addition, they engaged consultants from Trianz’ Digital and Analytics practices to perform the following:

  • Implement a Corporate Data Governance Council, including senior leaders from all major areas of the business: Corporate Strategy, Engineering, Finance, Sales, Marketing, Product Management and Human Resources.

  • Integrate DupeBlocker with Salesforce.

  • Custom build a rules engine to automate the complex sales territory assignment rules.

Transformational Effects

  • The newly formed Data Governance Council advised and approved decisions made by data stewards and technical architects, to automate and govern their Account and Contact data.

  • Within a short period, the firm deleted roughly 20% of their duplicate and erroneous account data, automated the deduplication of lead, contact and account data using DupeBlocker, and automated the sales territory assignment rules within Salesforce.

  • This cross-functional effort significantly improved the effectiveness of the firm’s sales team and allowed them to regain valuable hours they previously spent sifting through duplicate customer accounts.

  • The Data Governance Council has continued to adopt similar data governance policies and procedures for their Employee, Opportunity & Product data domains.

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