Snowflake EDW Implementation for low latency insights from fast growing data of an e-discovery platform

The client is a leading provider of e-discovery software solutions that manage the growing data volumes rising with new information sources. The company partnered with Trianz to develop an EDW with advanced analytics capabilities for their industry-leading SAS Legal software product that can be used by attorneys to build their cases.

Business Challenge

The client’s legal application deals with large volumes of diverse information types including documents, pictures, emails, past case history, etc., which attorneys can use as support to build their case. A case in point was Telemetry data on the usage of the product which became humongous, capturing information on every action happening on the SAS tool. Their current EDW solution is not able to handle this fast-growing data volume and had a difficult time processing and providing insights from this data.

Technology Components

  • Snowflake EDW


  • Trianz built an SQL-based EDW solution with analytics capabilities for the client earlier.

  • Having a clear insight into the client’s business and its EDW solution, Trianz recommended Snowflake to support the Telemetry use case and built the POC, demonstrating efficiency.

  • Trianz was engaged to migrate the Telemetry data from the existing SQL Server EDW to Snowflake with an overall objective of migrating the complete EDW data to Snowflake.

Transformational Effects

  • Seamlessly moved entire EDW from SQL Server to Snowflake.

  • With the elasticity of the cloud, Snowflake EDW can now handle large data volume well and process it within minutes to provide insights.

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