Snowflake EDW Implementation for low latency insights from a multitude of information processing sales platforms.

The client is a leading beer and soft drink bottler and distributor in North America.

Business Challenge

  • The current EDW could not handle fast growing data volumes and the client was facing issues in gleaning insights from the data. They were also unable to relay data quickly to their data science team.

Technology Components

  • Azure Data Factory

  • Azure Functions

  • Snowflake


  • Trianz undertook a month-long data strategy engagement to identify the pain points and define a roadmap

  • Trianz recommended developing a modern EDW in a phased approach, leveraging ADF and Snowflake to pull current beer sales data in the first phase

Transformational Effects

  • Migrate several sales source components such as SQL Server, Kronos HR, DB2 and RESTful API points to Snowflake

  • With the elasticity of the cloud, both Azure and Snowflake EDW can now handle large data volumes and process it in minutes to provide near real-time insights

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