A leading not-for-profit organization coordinates organ and tissue donation and provides public education on donation, needed a complete redesign and build of their legacy reporting and analytics environment.

The goals were to provide improved information management capability with better reporting functions, executive dashboards; and better data access, quality, consistency and integrity.

The Business Challenge

  • The organization needed a new reporting and analytical environment to replace an aging and poorly functioning legacy environment. A key part of the strategy centered around the planned implementation of a new medical records system with enhanced data capture capabilities combined with the integration of referral data.
  • The end-goal was to provide a robust analytical environment that enabled a complete view of the process, the efficacy of transplants, the efficiency of the matching and overall management of operations.
  • Aside from the standard data integration challenges, major data integrity issues had to be resolved to increase the accuracy of the data and improve the acceptance by users of the system.

Technology Components

  • EMR, MS SQL Server, Oracle, Power BI & SSRS

The Approach

  • Professionals from Trianz were engaged by the organization to develop the overall strategy of the future business intelligence environment, plan the rollout of the program and assist their staff with the development, testing, training and implementation of the solution.
  • Trianz’s role included working with the organization’s management team to determine a top-down business strategy that was then decomposed into the business, data, technical, application, organization and process requirements. Trianz consultants assisted them in selecting the proper toolsets, trained staff on BI/DW best practices and drove the development while mentoring the staff through implementation.
  • During the engagement, Trianz worked closely in assisting the not-for-profit firm to develop their governance, processes and organization while implementing the Business Intelligence solution serving all levels of management and operations.

Transformational Effects

  • The new environment provides users with instant ad-hoc and guided analytical functions along with self-service visualization capabilities. Furthermore, users can now access critical business information and insights in seconds, rather than days.

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