A US-based tier 1 real estate debt and equity investment company had issues with disparate business practices across divisions. Dependence on physical documents and manual processes resulted in duplicated efforts and data inconsistencies. Additionally, limited collaboration and snail mail communication with external partners increased turnaround times. Lack of a centralized structured data and reporting had further limited the management’s visibly into processes.

The client partnered with Trianz to build a solution to streamline operations for its real estate investment division. Trianz digitized document archival and retrieval, automated workflows for core processes, built self-service portals for borrowers, and enabled dashboard and reports for executives.


Disparate systems and manual processes hampered the management’s visibility into the deal lifecycle and its ability to make informed investment decisions. Further lack of collaboration with external stakeholders had increased turnaround times.


  • SharePoint 2010
  • Custom Controls


  • Implemented a centralized business process management system that captures all pertinent data from deal submission to deal funding of deals.
  • Established workflow- enabled processes for administration of loans from its inception to maturity.
  • Created a centralized document repository with a search feature and the ability to share and collaborate with external parties.
  • Digitized calculators for use at every stage of the deal lifecycle to accurately calculate yield and other critical parameters.
  • Built an online self-service portal for borrowers to seamlessly access current and historical statements—and a centralized dashboard with reporting for executive management


  • Elimination of manual efforts with improved accuracy and process efficiency
  • Improved visibility into status of each transaction throughout deal life cycle
  • Increased deal acquisition with the ability to process high number of deals
  • Management ability to analyze trends and make informed investment decision
  • Improved collaboration with external parties resulted in faster deal closures

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