A world leader in securing digital identities and information through software products needed an automation framework to streamline its regression testing.


  • The organization’s business-critical security product needed frequent releases to support a wide range of platforms and related versions. The manual execution of regression tests for all the combinations was leading to increased test efforts and delayed regression test cycle time. The risk of human error during manual regression testing was also leading to customer dis-satisfaction.


  • Automated regression testing framework using Telerik Test Studio and Jenkins


  • Evaluated various test automation frameworks before finalizing on the most suitable framework for the product
  • Completely automated DevOps process to automate build, deploy and test
  • Reduced complexity of XML-based input data for regressing testing
  • Peer reviewed automation scripts to ensure all quality aspects were adhered to


  • Automated regression testing suite | Reduced regression test efforts drastically
  • Reduced regression test cycle time for each release to 1 working day from 5
  • Enabled faster feature delivery and problem resolution, less complexity in management

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