A Fortune 100 network equipment and services provider sought to organize deal managers together regionally under a Deal Management Office (DMO). The DMO was envisioned to be the single operational and execution arm for managing deal types within seven different monetization models. To establish the proper steps for managing deals and provide end-to-end visibility on deal status, the client first needed to develop management playbooks.

Trianz worked closely with the client to establish best practices, optimize processes, and define roles and responsibilities for key stakeholders. DMO playbooks were created to provide an overview of the key steps involved in the Customer and Partner Services (CPS) organization’s deal management lifecycle, aligned with the client’s monetization models. The playbooks are meant to guide new deal managers to understand, follow and track key activities for deal variations for each monetization model.


Deal managers lacked standardized reference documents to understand deal types and monetization models, leading to inefficiencies and constraining end-to-end visibility.


  • PEGA (used later to create workflows)


  • Mapped all deal types to the seven monetization models, and defined playbooks according to models
  • Collected the necessary documents to define, bring structure to, and validate the process steps for each playbook
  • Navigated complexity of different CPS teams having their own steps to manage and execute deals


  • Established consistent and scalable deal management process
  • Optimized deal cycles across regions
  • Optimized resourcing model for deal management
  • Provided end-to-end visibility on deal status throughout lifecycle
  • Enhanced collaboration between deal managers and other groups
  • Playbooks now used as inputs for workflow managements in PEGA

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