Web-Based Cash Logistics Development for a Cash Logistics Company

Trianz was enlisted to help an armored car transport, ATM servicing, currency and coin processing company with its business IT applications and cybersecurity. Specifically, our custom development experts built a centralized web-based cash logistics system to streamline data management workflows for the client.

Challenges for the Cash Logistics Company in Data Management


The cash logistics company was encountering problems with data management, data retrieval, and database operating costs. It was leveraging an end-to-end solution called oneSystem but the solution was not meeting business requirements.

As a replacement, the client wanted a centralized data management system that all business departments could use simultaneously.

New Technology Components for the Cash Logistics Company

Trianz worked to implement these technology components for the cash logistics company:

  • .NET Framework was used in tandem with C# (C-sharp) to develop the web application within the ASP.NET framework. This included .NET Framework Data Providers to interface with the database solution.

  • Oracle Database 10g was the database solution of choice. It supports enterprise grid computing, offering the cash logistics company great flexibility and cost reductions compared to other database solutions.

    How Trianz Helped the Cash Logistics Company to Build a Centralized Data Management System

    Our data experts started with software development, creating a web-based cash logistics system using the .NET Framework and C# under the ASP.NET web application development framework. This enabled the creation of dynamic real-time services for data ingestion and retrieval.

    Data itself was loaded into Oracle Database 10g, an enterprise grid computing solution that offers superior flexibility and cost-savings when running web applications. It creates large modular storage pools in the cloud, distributing data with a focus on throughput, latency, and cost reductions.

    Trianz started with a waterfall development approach, developing a plan of action and sticking to it. From here, our data experts observed that the scope of work was wider than planned, which led them to shift to an agile development methodology.

    In a span of two years of development, Trianz presented a production-ready version of the product to the cash logistics company. During this time, our experts also trained system users.

    The project was finalized with a dedicated Offshore Development Center. Its purpose was to orchestrate engagement with development and delivery teams, and the logistics company itself.

    Transformational Effects with the New Data Management System and Oracle

    After project completion, the client possessed automated cash logistics information processing on Oracle 10g. It could manage data operations using the ASP.NET web application from anywhere with an internet connection.

    Sensitive account details for the client’s customers and partners were protected by new data governance policies and encryption both in-transit and at-rest. Further protection was enabled with Role-Based Access Controls, preventing unauthorized access to datasets.

    In summary, the client’s aging system from 2004 was replaced by Trianz, who became its Technology Partner of choice. This ongoing partnership means development work continues to maintain and improve upon the data management system, via our data experts.

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