As competition in the digital service industry increases, there is an absolute need to find new ways to differentiate your enterprise from competitors. Customer experience is fast becoming the determining factor for business growth, making it an important aspect of your overall business operations.

The best digital services in the world will still fall short of expectations if end-users are unhappy. To combat this problem, we have partnered with ServiceNow to provide customer service management (CSM) services to our clients.

CSM with ServiceNow

ServiceNow is a leader in the enterprise IT management industry with a broad range of useful features to simplify day-to-day IT management processes. The ServiceNow CSM module specifically is a comprehensive solution for customer service management, offering actionable service-related insights and integrated help desk functionality to simplify customer management in the enterprise.

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Implementing & Supporting CSM that Evolves with Your Business


Self Service Support

Improve the level of support you provide your customers while simultaneously reducing your costs. ServiceNow can incorporate self-service support information to help users and customers to find the answers to the problems they are having without having to speak with a CSR. You can also incorporate virtual agents that can interact with either callers or live chat interactions. Virtual agents are a helpful chatbot programmed to use detailed information from your system to provide accurate and actionable information to anyone who is reaching out for assistance.


Proactive Customer Support

Allow your customer service agents to stay informed of system changes, planned outages, new features, and more so they aren’t caught off guard. ServiceNow is designed to make sure everyone in the organization is able to stay up to date with the most recent information that they need to do their jobs properly. This starts with your customer service department but can extend into virtually all other areas of the business.


Omni Channel Integration

Eliminate the need to have multiple different systems supporting the various ways your customers reach out for help. ServiceNow can provide omni-channel integration so everyone will be using a familiar interface. Whether a customer is calling on the phone for help with a sale, an internal user is using the live chat features to address a technical issue, or someone from marketing wants to interact with customers through social media, it can all take place using a single powerful system.

Transformational effects of CSM with ServiceNow

Improve the customer experience (CX)

The demand for personalized digital services is growing as more people start using the internet. With self-service portals for low-level customer queries, and automated ingestion and remediation with AI for inbound service requests, you can streamline your customer management operations to start delivering better customer experiences.

Reduce your MTTR

With the always-on nature of digital services, customers expect instant gratification. For any problems that slip through the cracks, complete visibility into the network communications chain allows for fast root cause analysis, reducing your mean time to remediation (MTTR).

Improve and maintain your service delivery standards

With a holistic overview of your entire customer service management operation, you can proactively monitor and resolve potential problems before they impact your services.

Deliver rich customer
experiences with ServiceNow and Trianz

The competitive nature of the digital service industry means you need to be creative to differentiate yourself from the crowd. By offering good customer experiences, you set a foundation for business growth with the reassurance that these standards will be maintained over time through the ServiceNow platform.

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