Unlock Business Value and Transform Your IT Organization

Today, IT organizations are constantly challenged to reduce incident mean time to repair (MTTR) and service request fulfilment time, automate routine tasks that consume valuable resource time, and provide rapid response to unplanned outages and degradations of key business services. They are also expected to maintain a current and complete knowledge base, including known errors and self-help articles, improve customer satisfaction, and provide a centralized service offering.

According to OTRS Group's 2023 survey, more than nine out of 10 United States executives want to improve their organization’s IT service management (ITSM) in the next twelve months. However, transferring experience and best practices from ITSM to the service management of other departments is currently still far down the list of planned investments. Only 20 percent are already devoting their attention to Enterprise Service Management (ESM) in the next year. Instead, due to a lack of staff and tight budgets, IT departments are being pressured to “do more with less.”

Unlock Business Value and Transform

With extensive expertise in managed services, we understand that a mature ITSM program is more than just handling tickets or having documented service management processes. Here are some ways we help you unlock business value and transform your IT organization through:

Predictable Fixed Monthly Costs

Predictable Fixed Monthly Costs

Customer Focus and Service-centricity

Customer Focus and Service-centricity

Technical Expertise and Flexible Resource Models

Technical Expertise and Flexible Resource Models

Proven Frameworks and Methodologies

Proven Frameworks and Methodologies

How We Work

Deploying and maintaining an ITSM solution can be costly and time-consuming. ITSM as a Service reduces the burden of your staff – from procuring licenses to implementing and managing your entire platform. We offer end-to-end ITSM capabilities, including operational process engineering and managing IT as a business.

We help clients succeed through:

  • The formalized incident, problem, change, and request management processes

  • Automation

  • Service Level and Operational Level Agreements (SLAs/OLAs)

  • Capacity management

  • Service chargeback

  • Improved staff efficiency and employee morale

  • Service availability measures and reporting

  • Defined service catalogs and integrated processes

Full Value of Big Data

Our ITSM experts will deliver a common framework to design, build, and manage services across your organization, including but not limited to:

  • End-to-end responsibility for delivering a complete service portfolio

  • Process consulting, ITSM implementation, operations, automation, and self-service capabilities

  • 24x7 global support with rapid response to critical issues, incident management, and continual adherence to SLAs and OLAs

  • Continuous analysis and data-driven decisions to improve your organization’s ITSM performance

  • Process/platform adoption and integration across enterprise teams

  • Industry benchmarking



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In this digital age, where the cloud promises much freedom and flexibility, a robust IT infrastructure uniting cloud, analytics, and big data platforms will drive business excellence for your enterprise.

Best-in-Class ITSM Capabilities

Here are some of the automations and accelerators we have built that have led to a 30-40% decrease in deployment time while improving productivity.

ServiceNow Integrations and Automations

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BMC Integrations and Automations

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Business Impacts and Transformational Outcomes

Increase Speed of Delivery

Improved self-service capabilities for better user experience

Intuitive interfaces for employees with features like announcements, chat, global search, approvals, and surveys, all of which enhance customer experience and aid in reducing the inflow of requests and incidents.

Security and Stability of Service

Reduction in service desk call volume and improved First Call Resolution (FCR)

Self-service enables users to resolve issues on their own, reducing phone calls and valuable technician time.


Improved efficiency and reduced operational costs

Automation of routine service tasks, freeing IT staff to focus on more complex problems.


We have partnered with industry-leading vendors to deliver the best solutions to you.

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We have worked with hundreds of clients as a strategic partner focused on achieving their organizational goals and transforming the business. Let Trianz take the lead in delivering IT service excellence through a managed services delivery model.

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