Business finance is an essential part of wider business operations. Every department has operational costs and assigned budgets that dictate the scope of new developments. When you introduce risk to business finances, the risk appetite of key stakeholders can drop. This grinds new developments to a halt.

We understand the importance of smooth and reliable financial operations in the enterprise. To minimize the risk associated with your business finances, we have partnered with the industry-leading ServiceNow platform. With finance operations management through ServiceNow, you can transform your financial services to streamline administration and improve compliance.

Transformational effects of ServiceNow finance operations management

ServiceNow is a leading IT operations management (ITOM) platform, designed to simplify IT management in the enterprise. The ServiceNow platform allows businesses to manage all aspects of their IT operations, including finances through their “finance operations management” module.

The transformational effects you will experience through finance operations management with ServiceNow include:

  • Reduce the risks associated with close processes – With full tracking of your accounting workflows, you can maintain visibility into the status of financial close processes across your enterprise. Automatic validation of accounting notes and inputs can minimize risk and increase data validity.

  • Better employee experiences (EX) – With centralized access to your financial toolset, you can minimize application switching and reduce email noise. This gives your staff more time to focus on the tasks at hand.

  • Expedite the financial close process – By integrating your enterprise resource planning systems with ServiceNow, you can expedite the financial close process. A singular source of the truth (SSOT) for financial logs and databases will improve compliance. At the same time, automation can offload menial, repetitive administration tasks.

Streamline finance operations with ServiceNow and Trianz

Smooth, uninterrupted cash flow across the wider business is vital to maintain development velocity. Without the tools required to manage your finance operations holistically, essential projects can end up being delayed or even canceled. Our IT operations consulting team can work with you to implement finance operations management through ServiceNow, so you can focus on growing the business rather than counting pennies.

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