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Every enterprise needs a proper strategy for managing governance, risk, and regulatory compliance adherence. Each department in your business needs access to data, but overprovisioning access comes with increased risk. As you process and store more data, you need to govern data access to improve compliance and minimize risk.

With the proliferation of cloud computing, GRC has never been easier. Many cloud platforms come with built-in governance, risk management and compliance management functionality, but these tools are platform-specific and offer a limited scope of action.

Our partnership with the ServiceNow platform allows us to deliver unified governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) management, minimizing the risks associated with your growing heterogeneous IT infrastructure. Managing this effort from one centralized location not only makes it easier to perform these tasks, but also simplifies the audit process when that becomes necessary.

All past and present data will be easily accessible within the GRC system so that it can be pulled up, analyzed, and rated by whatever regulatory agency is performing the audits.

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Helping You Fulfill Your Governance, Risk, and Compliance Obligations

Governance, risk, and compliance are often looked at as challenges that get in the way of normal business operations. When managed correctly, however, they provide benefits far beyond simply remaining in compliance with governmental or industry regulations. Trianz consultants can help you set up a strong GRC program using the ServiceNow Platform, which will offer many tangible benefits, including:


Streamline Audits

Audits can be time consuming and difficult. When they are done for governmental agencies or oversite committees with the authority to leverage penalties, even small mistakes can be extremely costly. A properly managed audit will not only help to pass the event itself, but it will also utilize risk data to identify areas of improvement. The audit reports can then be used to prioritize processes to make changes that will have a direct and positive impact on the rest of the business.

The Now platform makes it easier than ever to conduct audits and manage all aspects of the governance, risk, and compliance process. This system can be used to store and manage policies from throughout the organization and track any areas where the business fails to meet their requirements. In addition, an internal audit can be planned, conducted, and tracked using the various tools that can be incorporated into the GRC platform.


Manage All Risks

Businesses face many different types of risks from a variety of different sources. The GRC platform will allow you to create a detailed business impact report that looks at potential areas of impact so you can prioritize actions based on the severity of the risk. This is a comprehensive system that can provide risk management for IT systems, applications, employees, vendors, contractors, and customers.

By continuously monitoring and evaluating the entire business environment, it is possible to detect potential risks before they result in a financial or reputational loss. Integrating a risk management system into your overall business strategy is not only highly recommended by risk professionals but may be a requirement for certain industries. No matter what type of business you run, incorporating the Now platform’s governance, risk, and compliance tools will help you to identify, track, and eliminate risks to help prepare the business for whatever comes its way.


Business Continuity Management

No matter how much planning and preparation takes place, it is impossible to keep a business safe from every threat. This is why a business continuity management plan is so critical. This type of plan will allow you to know how to react in the event that all other preparations and protections break down. The most common situation where a business continuity plan has to be implemented involves major natural disasters, but there are many other situations that can quickly cause significant disruption, affecting all businesses across the world today.

The GRC platform within ServiceNow will help you to plan for what to do in the event of a disaster, train critical teams on their responsibilities, and ensure a rapid recovery for all key systems. Creating and housing your business continuity plans within the GRC platform will allow everyone to have access to it, keep their system documentation updated, and be able to react to any disaster appropriately.

Transformational effects of GRC with ServiceNow

Our expert team of security operations consultants can help you implement GRC through ServiceNow with transformational benefits that include:

Better business decisions

Build a culture that revolves around proper risk and compliance management. With GRC, you can offer universal access to insight, helping departments to better understand their responsibilities and make better business decisions.

Instant access to insight

With instantaneous, real-time access to network monitoring across the business, you can minimize disruption and proactively identify and remediate instances of mismanagement and non-compliance.

Business-wide productivity improvements

With unified and standardized GRC workflows, you can expedite the approval process, coordination between departments and automation of tasks,

Unified GRC with ServiceNow and Trianz

With increased service demands and growing datasets, proper GRC management is vital for the modern enterprise. Our expert team of security operations consultants can help you to implement the GRC module in ServiceNow platform, so you can start leveraging the powerful capabilities this solution provides to help you manage and protect your sensitive data with a simplified platform for managing risks, governance and compliance.

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