Every enterprise needs a proper strategy for managing governance, risk and regulatory compliance adherence. Each department in your business needs access to data, but overprovisioning access comes with increased risk. As you process and store more data, you need to govern data access to improve compliance and minimize risk.

With the proliferation of cloud computing, GRC has never been easier. Many cloud platforms come with built-in governance, risk management and compliance management functionality, but these tools are platform-specific and offer a limited scope of action.

We emphasize on security and compliance. Our partnership with the ServiceNow platform allows us to deliver unified governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) management, minimizing the risks associated with your growing heterogeneous IT infrastructure.

Transformational effects of GRC with ServiceNow

ServiceNow is the leading ITOM platform, offering built-in governance, risk and compliance (GRC) management functionality to simplify security administration across your enterprise.

Our expert team of security operations consultants can help you implement GRC through ServiceNow with transformational benefits that include:

  • Better business decisions – Build a culture that revolves around proper risk management and compliance with ServiceNow. With universal access to insight, departments can better understand their responsibilities and make better business decisions.

  • Instant access to insight– With instantaneous, real-time access to network monitoring across the business, you can minimize disruption and proactively identify and remediate instances of mismanagement and non-compliance.

  • Business-wide productivity improvements – With unified and standardized GRC workflows through ServiceNow, you can expedite the approval process and increase productivity across departments.

Unified GRC with ServiceNow and Trianz

With increased service demands and growing datasets, proper GRC management is vital for the modern enterprise. Our expert team of security operations consultants can help you to implement the ServiceNow platform, so you can start leveraging powerful GRC integrations to protect your sensitive data.

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Trianz knew exactly what to do in terms of streamlining our incident and service request management process. The way Trianz provided for better, more efficient API-based interaction was exceptional.

VP of Operations

A Large Payment Processing Network Operator

It was outstanding – Trianz setting up a managed services center to support our IT infrastructure on AWS, thereby proactively and reactively addressing and resolving issues.

Senior Director, Business Automation

Retail Major

Partnering with Trianz has proved to be a one-of-its-kind experience. Especially because of it not compromising on its mandate of following industry best practices.

Director – Technology

A Leading School District In US


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