Most enterprises focus on delivering excellent experiences for their customers. While this is important, they should also be paying attention to their employee experience. Your staff is the driving force for your business, performing their daily tasks to achieve business objectives and satisfy your customers. When morale drops, so will performance. This leads to lower service quality and productivity across the company.

We understand the importance of properly managing and supporting your workforce and how it can benefit the business as a whole. Our keen focus on human resource (HR) services can combat HR-related problems, improving employee engagement and empowering them to self-serve. We have partnered with ServiceNow to deliver integrated HR services to our clients, in addition to leveraging other features on the ServiceNow platform.

Transformational effects of HR service delivery

ServiceNow is a leading IT operations management (ITOM) platform. It comes complete with a comprehensive list of device and software-agnostic integrations that simplify general IT administration workflows. ServiceNow’s HR Service Delivery (HRSD) offers a clear path for modernizing your HR processes, building deeper strategic partnerships and improving employee morale to boost growth.

HR Service Delivery with ServiceNow and Trianz offers a range of transformational effects, including:

  • Simplified HR service access – Your employees need to track their work hours, annual leave allocations and pay slips. Traditional HR solutions make this a complicated task. ServiceNow unifies these HR services, providing a singular access point for all things HR-related across the business.

  • Improve HR efficiency – With automated administration and integrated case management, you can maximize your return on investment while simultaneously minimizing costs with HR service delivery through ServiceNow.

  • Streamlined I/O – As employees join and leave the business, you need the right tools to manage your workforce. ServiceNow allows you to manage HR lifecycle events, handling onboarding and offboarding across the enterprise with complete transparency.

Manage your HR with Trianz

Your people are your most valuable asset. We can help you support them with intuitive HR services through the ServiceNow platform. Our expert team of HR digitalization consultants can help you plan and implement the ServiceNow platform, so you can start delivering better employee experiences.

Get in touch with our HR digitalization consultants and remove employee performance barriers with ServiceNow and Trianz today!

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Trianz knew exactly what to do in terms of streamlining our incident and service request management process. The way Trianz provided for better, more efficient API-based interaction was exceptional.

VP of Operations

A Large Payment Processing Network Operator

It was outstanding – Trianz setting up a managed services center to support our IT infrastructure on AWS, thereby proactively and reactively addressing and resolving issues.

Senior Director, Business Automation

Retail Major

Partnering with Trianz has proved to be a one-of-its-kind experience. Especially because of it not compromising on its mandate of following industry best practices.

Director – Technology

A Leading School District In US


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