Most enterprises focus on delivering excellent experiences for their customers. While this is important, they should also be paying attention to their employee experience. Your staff are the driving force for your business, performing their daily tasks to achieve business objectives and satisfy your customers. Therefore, when morale is low, employee performance is likely to suffer. This often leads to lower service delivery quality and a fall in employee productivity across the business.

We understand the importance of properly managing and supporting your workforce and how it can benefit the business as a whole. Our keen focus on human resource (HR) services can combat HR-related problems, improving employee engagement and empowering them to self-serve. We have partnered with ServiceNow to deliver integrated HR services to our clients, in addition to leveraging other features on the ServiceNow platform.

HR service delivery

ServiceNow is a leading enterprise IT management platform. It comes complete with a comprehensive list of device and software-agnostic integrations that simplify general administrative HR enrollment workflows. ServiceNow’s HR Service Delivery (HRSD) offers a clear path for modernizing your HR processes, building deeper strategic partnerships, and improving employee morale to boost growth.

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Take Your HR Department to the Next Level with ServiceNow’s HR Service Delivery

ServiceNow has helped to revolutionize the way HR departments operate and serve employees throughout the company. Whether you have a single HR professional, or a fully staffed HR department, these tools will help ensure they are able to support your most valuable resources. Some of the things that HR Service Delivery has to offer include the following:


Comprehensive Onboarding Tools

Onboarding new employees is one of the biggest challenges most companies face. This is a costly and very time-consuming process, and if it is not done properly, it can contribute to productivity loss as employees will not be able to get started with their job function quickly. The HR Service Delivery system will help to get new employees onboarded and up to speed as quickly as possible. This will allow employees to have a seamless experience and help the company to enjoy productivity from new employees very quickly.

New employees can use the mobile onboarding process, which guides new hires through a customized series of steps that will familiarize them with the business. This is a proven way to introduce new employees to the company culture, show them what is expected from an HR perspective, and begin their training for the specific role that they will be filling.


Supporting Employees Throughout their Career

At its core, any HR departments primary function is to help employees to perform at their best. This will not only help the company to get the most productivity from every employee, but it will also help to ensure employees remain challenged and rewarded based on their interests, desires, and goals. Having the right HR system in place helps to eliminate the ‘employee vs company’ mentality and creates a true partnership between employees and leadership teams.

This is primarily done by incorporating a comprehensive talent management system, and an effective learning management component. Employees can be kept up to date on their performance at all times by accessing their HR Service Delivery page. They can also provide feedback to their managers to help facilitate open communication. For employees who need additional training or are working toward a new position, the learning management system will give them the training opportunities they need.


Fully Integrated HR Hub

With Service Now, you will have the key aspects of human resources integrated together into one central hub. HR employees will be able to perform all their job duties from this one location rather than having to log into multiple different applications based on what they are working on at a given time. In addition, the various systems within the Human Resources hub can pull data from each other, eliminating the need to enter information in repetitively.

Once the HR Service Delivery system is installed, you will have access to the Core HR systems, Talent Management, Time and Labor, Payroll, Background Screening, and Learning Management. This system can also be integrated with your other cloud or on-premises tools that are already in use to make it faster and easier to get up and running.

Making the HR Transformation Easy with Trianz

For HR Service Delivery, we will be there to help with initial setup, including integration with your systems, training, and long-term support. We offer a number of important services related to the HR Service Delivery system from ServiceNow, including:

Simplified HR service access

Your employees need to track and monitor their enrollment, job benefits, paid holiday leave, work policies, and other HR inquiries. However, traditional HR solutions make this a complicated task. ServiceNow unifies these HR services, providing a singular access point for all things HR-related across the business.

Improve HR efficiency

With automated administration and integrated case management, you can maximize your return on investment while simultaneously minimizing costs with HR service delivery through ServiceNow.

Streamlined I/O

As employees join and leave the business, you need the right tools to manage your workforce. ServiceNow allows you to manage HR lifecycle events, handling onboarding and offboarding across the enterprise with complete transparency.

Manage your HR with Trianz

Your people are your most valuable asset. We can help you support them with intuitive HR services through the ServiceNow platform. Our expert team of HR digitalization consultants can help you plan and implement the ServiceNow platform, so you can start delivering better employee experiences.

Get in touch with our HR digitalization consultants and remove employee performance barriers with ServiceNow and Trianz today!

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