Improved Visibility and Minimized Administration

If IT infrastructure is the backbone of the enterprise, the IT assets are the legs that keep things moving. Every employee relies upon endpoint assets and software to perform their jobs effectively—this means the more employees you have, the more assets you need to manage.

When IT assets are mismanaged, you effectively paralyze the legs of your workforce, negatively impacting productivity.

IT asset management (ITAM) is a viable solution to this problem. A dedicated asset registry and automated network discovery can help you keep track of IT assets, maintaining performance and compliance at the endpoint. This process can also help to populate your company’s configuration management database (CMDB) to ensure all assets are identified, tracked, and managed correctly. This is essential for allowing effective troubleshooting, root cause analysis, and many other critical support tasks.

We are dedicated to improving visibility and minimizing administrative overhead for our clients. That’s why we have partnered with ServiceNow to deliver platform-native, device-agnostic ITAM services to our clients. Implementing the ITAM solution into your ServiceNow platform will allow you to better track assets throughout your organization.

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Comprehensive Support of Your IT Asset Management Platform

Asset management is far more than just keeping track of what physical assets your business has, and where they are being used. A properly managed asset management strategy based on the ServiceNow ITAM platform will allow you to maximize efficiency and productivity within your IT environment. Trianz will help you to maximize the benefits of an ITAM strategy, including the following:


Easy to Manage Expenses

Billions of dollars are wasted each year on IT hardware and software that is unused or underutilized because businesses don’t have a good understanding of what assets they really own. An IT asset management suite will make sure that various IT teams within an organization are aware of what hardware and application licenses are available so that they don’t make redundant purchases. This can help to reduce the IT budget while increasing the efficiency and level of service provided.


Single Data Source

Without a properly maintained asset management system, it is likely that you keep data in multiple different places. If a subject matter expert is unavailable, teams need to dig through spreadsheets, documents, databases, and other siloed storage systems, which can take a lot of time. The ServiceNow ITAM platform creates a single data source for all hardware and applications within the organization.

Transformational Effects of Advanced Asset Management

With ITAM through ServiceNow, you can take control of your IT assets and streamline administrative workloads for your IT staff. ITAM with ServiceNow applies to both endpoint assets and software, offering a unified management solution for your numerous IT assets.

Hardware asset management

Reduce fiscal overheads and streamline IT hardware assets. With ITAM through ServiceNow, you can track asset lifecycles, system utilization and manage any business asset financing contracts.

Software asset management

Unlike endpoint assets, the majority of B2B software requires a license. ITAM through ServiceNow lets you keep track of software packages, on both servers and employee endpoint assets, to streamline enterprise software licensing workflows.

Configuration Management Database

Always understand how assets used throughout your organization are associated, where they are on their lifecycle, and other essential details using a powerful configuration management database (CMDB).

Control your assets with ServiceNow and Trianz

You can maintain your endpoint and software assets effectively with complete visibility into your existing assets, as well as who they are allocated to. Our operations management team can help you prepare your infrastructure for the ServiceNow platform—before importing your various IT assets—for unified, device-agnostic monitoring and maintenance. Read more about Trianz’ ServiceNow asset management best practices and performance analytics.

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