The modern enterprise needs technology—not just as a tool, but as a strategic business partner. Enterprise IT is the supporting foundation for almost every service you offer as you integrate more technology into every aspect of your business strategy.

We believe modern technology is the key to driving business growth. Our expert team of IT management consultants has worked with numerous small and large enterprises, developing towards and witnessing digital evolution as it happens. With IT business management through ServiceNow, you can further solidify the role technology plays for your business, fueling business growth in the long-term through aligned processes and seamless integrations.

ServiceNow has quickly become one of the most respected and popular business management platforms in the world. It not only has many different services built in, but it is also easy to use thanks to its intuitive design and implementation. This makes it easier than ever for engineers to support their business partners and ensure they have the tools and resources needed to provide their products or services to the customers.

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Application Portfolio Management

Application portfolio management (APM) will help you develop a comprehensive understanding of the applications used by your organization. For department- and task-specific applications, you can consolidate and group these for easier management and deployment. With a holistic overview of your software stack, you can also more easily identify candidates for modernization and upgrades.

In short, APM will help you to monitor the performance of individual applications against business goals and replace or upgrade applications that no longer meet your needs.


Project Portfolio Management

With project portfolio management through ServiceNow, you can maintain visibility into the status of project assets and other resources. This will help you to accelerate the delivery of projects, and better control and manage the project development lifecycle. You will also gain a transparent view into the status of projects, allowing everyone to remain on the same page, and accurately forecast both individual and team-wide timescales for projects to improve productivity.


IT Financial Management

With IT financial management, you can build cost models to visualize IT resource consumption. This will give you valuable insight into IT expenditure, helping you to minimize overspend and create a leaner IT operating model. Expenses can be categorized to simplify accounting work, with automated categorization working in the long-term to organize your books. For department-specific IT expenditure, you can allocate spending based on consumption for business units, applications, and shared IT services. This will allow you to implement rules and metrics that programmatically allocate resources based on need.

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Accurate Tracking of Dependencies

Having your applications, projects, finances, and other essential systems tracked in on place, you can build a library of dependencies. This will allow engineers to know what systems will be affected during upgrades or outages, ensuring customer facing teams are not caught off guard. Building in known interactions between systems will also help to ensure key department leaders are made aware of any type of system outages so they can help to mitigate customer impact.

Easy Feature Requests

As the products and services offered by a company evolve, it is necessary to make sure the IT businesses can move with them. Using the project management tools it is easy for teams to make feature requests as they are needed. Having a formalized system for these requests ensures that they are made in a format that programmers, engineers, and others involved can understand and accurately implement. The constant requests for updates or adjustments throughout he process can also be eliminated as all information will be tracked and accessible within the ServiceNow platform.

Improved Budget Planning

Incorporating the financial management of systems into ServiceNow allows for easier and more accurate budget planning for all teams. Rather than being surprised about the infrastructure costs of a new system, business leadership can quickly see what physical or cloud resources will be needed from the earliest stages of planning. Not only does this help to keep a project from going over budget, but it can also show teams various features that may be more affordable than they previously expected.

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Your products and services can only reach customers with the backing of a strong technological foundation. Enterprise IT has a virtually limitless possibility for development and growth. It is therefore vital that you align IT as a business partner rather than just a tool.

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