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Security management has always been an integral part of any IT strategy. With the introduction of GDPR, CCPA and PCI-DSS, proper IT security is more important than ever. Your customers expect their data to be secure and protected and failing to meet these expectations can lead to hefty fines and a loss of trust for both, your customers and B2B partners. In fact, up to 60% of businesses end up having to close down for good after a serious data security breach.

To maintain security and compliance, enterprises have started developing new, cloud-native security operations strategies to achieve their business objectives. There are many SecOps tools available that allow you to prioritize security incidents and automatically remediate low-level vulnerabilities, streamlining your security operations management in the enterprise. While many of the simpler threats can be handled automatically with this system, your security engineers will be able to focus on the higher level risks so your business is protected at all times.

For us, nothing is more important than enterprise security. That’s why we have partnered with the ServiceNow platform to deliver SecOps functionality to our customers. Having the right tools in place is the most effective way to ensure you are prepared for whatever cyber threats come your way. SecOps with ServiceNow is a proven platform to coordinate and manage all of your security related efforts.

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SecOps Solutions Tailored to Your Needs

The Security Operations from ServiceNow are not a one-size-fits-all platform. Instead, it is customized to meet the specific needs of your business. Trianz consultants can help to stand up this system, implement integrations with other software packages, and ensure everything is configured and ready to go upon launch. Some of the advantages this customized solution offers include:


Scalable Packages

The specific threats against your IT infrastructure will change over time. This happens because of the ever-evolving attack strategies that cybercriminals develop and also because of changes within your own environment. As your business grows, you potentially could become a more attractive target for cybercrime. In addition, as you add new systems into your infrastructure environment, there will be new potential vulnerability points to be exploited. This is why the scalability of the Security Operations system is so critical.

No matter how big or small your current operations may be, ServiceNow SecOps has what you need to protect your infrastructure and applications. As your business grows, this system will allow you to implement proactive security protections to ensure everything is safe. New data will be continuously gathered about all attempted attacks so that your security systems can learn as they grow and keep your business protected.


Eliminate Data Silos

Data is one of the most powerful weapons to deal with cyber-attacks, the more insights you have, the better prepared you will be to deal with them. The Security Operations platform brings security related data together from throughout your IT infrastructure, security software, and more. This data is stored using a single data model on the cloud so that it can be instantly accessed and used to prepare for, or respond to, cybersecurity threats.

By incorporating a single data model such as a data lake or other similar service, ServiceNow’s Security Operations platform can help your teams to analyze threats and respond appropriately. Attackers typically follow a set pattern of attacks until they are shut down. By bringing analytics data together in one place, these patterns and strategies can be identified much more quickly, which means reduced time of potential exposure.


Full Integration with Industry SecOps Software

The ServiceNow Security Operations platform easily integrates with industry standard security software suites to maximize protections. This integration allows for the tracking and documentation of threats and will provide teams with the information they need to quickly react to new attacks.

No matter what security programs you use, they can be improved by integrating them into the ServiceNow Security Operations system. Some examples of the major security programs commonly integrated into ServiceNow include okta, CrowdStrike, ForeScout, Tanium, and Tenable. Most of the top security software suites will be able to natively integrate into the Security Operations platform, and those that can’t will use plugins and other options to facilitate the integration.

Transformational effects of SecOps with ServiceNow

ServiceNow is a leading IT operations management (ITOM) platform that simplifies numerous aspects of IT service and operational management in the enterprise.

Our team can help you implement SecOps through ServiceNow, resulting in several transformational effects:

Quicker incident responses

With real-time visibility into the security of your IT network, you can proactively monitor and remediate problems. This will allow you to respond more quickly to incidents, reducing the mean time to acknowledge (MTTA) and mean time to remediation (MTTR).

The longer an incident occurs, the more damage and disruption it may cause. For that reason, a fast and agile response to incidents will prevent collateral damage for co-dependent systems. This will also cause a perceptible improvement in the reliability and accessibility of your services, pleasing end-users.

Automated SecOps

With the native platform support for automation and orchestration, you can handover the routine administrative tasks to an intelligent AI, further improving your MTTA and MTTR.

Vulnerability Response

Infrastructure and software vulnerabilities are business-critical and should be remediated as quickly as possible to minimize damage. A coordinated vulnerability response can compress the time between identifying vulnerabilities and cleansing your IT systems, reducing the risk posed by malicious attacks to your business. Furthermore, with the growing popularity of AI and ML, much of your vulnerability response can be automated with ServiceNow to further improve your efficiency.

Unify IT and security

With ServiceNow, you can manage all aspects of your network from a single, unified management dashboard. This centralized approach to general IT management will improve intersystem monitoring and reveal hidden correlations between your security and operations management processes.

Visualized RTO

With graphs and statistics readily available within ServiceNow’s role-based analytics dashboard, you have quick and easy access to insights. This will allow you to visually analyze your security operations and make informed decisions to achieve your goals and other business objectives.

Secure your operations with ServiceNow and Trianz

With the growing complexity of enterprise IT operations, powerful solutions like ServiceNow can reduce the burden on your IT staff. Our IT security consulting team can perform an assessment of your existing infrastructure and security landscape from a tools and process stand point and integrate with the ServiceNow platform. This will allow you to leverage powerful SecOps functionality and protect your network and data from cyber security threats and attacks.

Get in touch with our IT security management consultants and fortify your enterprise IT network with ServiceNow and Trianz.

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