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Your enterprise IT may be adequate now, but what about the long term? Being able to adapt your enterprise IT technology proactively is vital for maintaining a competitive edge in an increasingly saturated digital landscape. As your business grows and your customer base increases in size, IT requirements are likely to change, requiring agility and intuition to meet stakeholder demands.

Enterprise IT management platforms like ServiceNow enable businesses to achieve sustainable growth through increased visibility and access to situational insight. We have partnered with ServiceNow to offer a range of advisory services, helping our clients in their digital transformation journey and maximize the value technology offers to their business.

Trianz consultants are ready to help you enjoy the many benefits that come with a proper implementation of the ServiceNow platform. Our team can help you to show your executive leadership the many benefits that a business will have using this system, and work with your IT leaders to ensure the implementation is handled properly so that there is no disruption to essential services.

Of course, we will also be there to support the platform and ensure it is able to provide you with the solutions you need as your business grows and evolves.

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Comprehensive Assessment, Advice, and Support

Analyzing your own internal systems without any outside insights can be extremely difficult. Partnering with Trianz will allow you to receive objective analytics and advice from experienced IT professionals. The guidance provided by Trianz professionals will be based on the data available within the ServiceNow platform. Working with Trianz to help plan your business’s IT future offers some major benefits.


Unbiased Advice

When it comes to making decisions in a company, everyone has some type of agenda. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but just a product of human nature. Trianz consultants have just one agenda when we perform an ServiceNow assessment and provide advice to our clients. To give them our honest opinions about the options that are best suited for their organizations business needs with recommendations and assistance on technology selection. This commitment to offering unbiased advice has helped us to earn a positive reputation in the industry.


ITSM Workshop Approach

When offering advice based on our system analysis of your environment, Trianz uses a workshop based approach. This is a process that allows us to have a detailed understanding of your environment as it is now, the needs you are likely to have in the future, and what path should be taken to get there.

This is done using a five-step process that starts with current state analysis where we gather information (largely from your existing ITSM platform) to develop a picture of the current environment. We will then work closely with your leadership teams to understand the desired state of the environment. Next, we develop a to be state process and architecture, using Trianz framework and reference architectures along with industry best practices and a roadmap for implementation.


Data Driven Insights

Besides the ITSM workshop, we also gather information from a variety of sources including but not limited to, interviewing key IT and business stakeholders, end users, process owners etc., data from the existing ITSM platform, monitoring platform and other data sources that are relevant for this exercise. We develop dashboards on the data gathered that will provide detailed insights to the current state operations and challenges that we will use to arrive at our recommendations and approach for the target state.

Streamlined Implementation and Support of ServiceNow

ServiceNow platform allows businesses to manage their IT operations, all from a unified, centralized management dashboard.

Some transformational effects that you will experience with our ServiceNow advisory services include:

Align interdepartmental processes

With unified and standardized work processes through the ServiceNow platform, you can align internal processes and increase productivity across the wider business.

Shared expertise

Our expert IT operations consulting team has the knowledge and experience required to help you implement the ServiceNow platform. Once the development is complete, our consultants can share their knowledge to drive improvements in workforce education for sustainable long-term use of the platform.

A focus on SLAs and KPIs

ServiceNow makes it easier to monitor and remediate a range of general IT operations problems. With the tools you need to quickly and efficiently resolve issues, you can adhere to service level agreements (SLAs) and improve performance against key performance indicators (KPIs).

Discover the future of Enterprise Service Management with ServiceNow and Trianz

As enterprises plan their digital transformation, it is critical to have the right processes, tools and technologies in place for the transformation. With ServiceNow, you can pick and choose best-of-breed software solutions and seamlessly integrate them to maximize your return on investment (ROI).

Seasoned through hundreds of ServiceNow assessments, our expert IT operations consulting team can advise you on best-practices and assist with development and implementation of an integrated Service Management platform.

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