The complex nature of modern IT infrastructure can make it difficult for intersystem communication, especially as your network grows to accommodate the increasing demand and you may look to add a new software tool into the mix. However, in this case it is common to quickly encounter problems due to a lack of software and hardware integration across your network.

Many businesses are starting to focus on the seamless integration of their IT assets to overcome this dilemma. By centrally managing your software and hardware, you can maintain better network visibility and easily plug in new software and equipment as required.

We work closely with our clients to deliver software and hardware integration across heterogeneous infrastructure environments. We’ve partnered with ServiceNow to offer unified, centralized IT management for our clients with countless third-party integrations for virtually limitless functionality.

Transformational effects with ServiceNow integration

ServiceNow is an industry-leading IT operations management (ITOM) platform and has been designed to seamlessly integrate with the third-party independent software vendor (ISV) tools and orchestrate your underlying IT infrastructure.

With ServiceNow, you will experience the following transformational benefits:

  • Software integration with APIs and frameworks –ServiceNow platform offers a range of platform-native integrations with third-party tools, along with APIs and frameworks, so that you can develop custom integrations.

  • Data import and export – Individual software tools will need data to work, and this data will need export for use by other tools. ServiceNow can standardize your enterprise data for easy import and export into your numerous software packages through a single source of the truth (SSOT).

  • Cloud-agnostic orchestration – With multi-cloud and hybrid-cloud strategies, different architectures can create hurdles. You can overcome these hurdles with ServiceNow, using it to integrate and orchestrate your hardware and software, regardless of the platform or architecture.

Integrate and orchestrate with ServiceNow and Trianz

To meet user demands, you need the right tools for the job. And these tools need to communicate effectively with one another, operating as a singular entity. Our IT operations consulting team can help you integrate and orchestrate your numerous ISV tools to unify your network and achieve business objectives.

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