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Discover and eliminate dependencies. Trianz-ServiceNow collaboration unlocks cloud computing’s business value to accelerate implementation of the Service Management Foundation platform.

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Trianz radically transforms IT service management and delivery, helping businesses to modernize swiftly before the doors have closed on them. As a Premier Partner, our experts have unlocked cloud computing’s exponential business value to help clients succeed through:

  • Reduced expenses

  • Improved customer service

  • Expedited delivery

  • New service offerings

Building off their existing infrastructure, we leverage a hybrid delivery model comprised of templated solutions to accelerate our clients’ adoption and mastery of the platform. Our experience with multiple deployments and integrations makes this a seamless process.

Our quick package contains following capabilities are embedded to expedite the implementation/migration.

  • Conduct workshops for process alignments related to Service Request, Incident, Problem and Change Management applications

  • Templatized foundation data load

  • Map all existing functionalities with ServiceNow functions and applications

  • Implement ServiceNow’s service portal using predefined templates

  • Develop the 10 most commonly used catalog items with fulfilment tasks and clearly defined SLA's and OLA's

  • Implement CMDB lite (load compute and network CIs from spreadsheets and/or via integration with an external system)

  • Develop up to 5 predefined communication templates for notification of organizational updates

When you harness the power of ITSM with ServiceNow, you will enjoy a variety of important benefits throughout your organization. Some of the key advantages businesses realize by using this system include:

Helping You Improve Your ITSM Strategy


Focused on Eliminating Waste

A strong ITSM strategy will help to eliminate waste and allow your company to operate more efficiently. The savings your business can enjoy will start almost immediately and can be compounded in the years to come. These savings come from a variety of sources including reduced costs related to on premises infrastructure, streamlined management of IT resources on the cloud, and improved overall operational efficiency.


Self-Service Capabilities

Allowing users to solve their own issues is an excellent way to drive improved user satisfaction and benefit the end users. A good ITSM strategy will always include incorporating as many self-service capabilities into an organization as possible. These services can be focused on internal employees, or extend out to the end customers, depending on the products and services being offered.


ITIL Compliance

ITIL is the global standard when it comes to managing incidents and many other aspects of any IT environment. ServiceNow’s ITSM solutions are 100% ITIL compliance. Whether you are already operating an ITIL compliant organization, or you want to move in that direction, taking advantage of the ITSM platform will help accomplish your goals.

Ensuring a Smooth Transition to ServiceNow’s ITSM Solution

Incorporating ServiceNow’s ITSM platform into your business will change the way many things are done. These adjustments will help to streamline both IT and business systems to provide the maximum return on investment for all IT expenses. In order to ensure you are getting the best possible results without the risk of downtime or business interruption, Trianz consultants will be managing the transformation from start to finish.

Keeping Focus on the Customer

The most significant way that a business that uses ITSM will transform is in the ability to keep the IT leadership and engineers focused on what the business needs. By designing, delivering, managing, and improving IT systems with the goal of improving customer experience, the business will be able to improve customer satisfaction and their overall bottom line.

Phased Implementation

When implementing the ITSM platform from ServiceNow we will take a phased approach to help ensure everything is handled properly with as little impact as possible. We will perform an assessment of your current IT strategies, and then create a roadmap for implementation. Trianz consultants will review the roadmap with your IT and business leadership to ensure there is complete buy in. When ready, the solutions we proposed will be implemented and brought online. Once everything is up and operational, Trianz consultants will continue to work with you to manage the services and provide continuous improvements as your business grows and new releases of the ITSM platform are implemented.

Bridges Communication with IT & Business

There is always some level of conflict or difficult communication between IT leaders and leader on the business side of an organization. Coordinating interactions between these two areas of a company can be dramatically improved by building in strategic initiatives that help to distribute the power of service management throughout the organization. Open and easier communication ensures the business is getting the tools and support they need from IT in order to properly serve customers.

Experienced Trianz Consultants are Ready for You

Trianz is a rapidly growing global professional services firm that facilitates a strategic Digital Evolution plan for companies looking to rise as leaders in the digital era. We alleviate the fear often associated with change by simplifying solutions and using your teams’ existing skillsets and values as the foundation for what we do.

Our underlying aim is to help enterprises realize their full business potential and value.

Please take a moment to reach out to Trianz to schedule a consultation where we can discuss the many ways that the ITSM platform from ServiceNow can benefit your business. We can outline how we can help throughout the process starting from planning and extending through to long term support.

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