Trianz Recognized as Leader by ISG for Strong Digital Capabilities

The research and analysis presented in this report includes research from the ISG Provider Lens™ program, ongoing ISG Research programs, interviews with ISG advisors, briefings with services providers and analysis of publicly available market information from multiple sources.

This report is organized as follows:

  • Client archetype description: This section identifies and describes the most common user side archetypes that we have identified in our ongoing research and analysis.

  • Assessments by archetype: These sections first detail each of the client archetypes, along with the types of service offerings that each typically requires to realize the most business value. Each archetype section includes assessment of the relevant capabilities and positioning of the services providers surveyed and interviewed. It covers the relative suitability of the providers for each archetype based on the information they have provided to ISG. These assessments are developed using the data, analysis and comparative methodology described in the methodology section.

  • Methodology: In this section, we outline and explain how we developed and applied the data, analysis and insights provided in this report.

According to this report, "Trianz keen focus on engineering allows them to deliver digital solutions that promote innovation and growth for both emerging and established enterprises. The company sums its statement of value to clients in three phrases ― business impact created, predictability in execution, and unique client experiences."

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