Trianz Recognized as Leader by ISG for Strong Digital Capabilities

We are delighted to be positioned as a Market Leader in the ISG Provider Lens™ Digital Business Solutions & Services Archetype US Report 2020.

This ISG Provider Lens™ report summarizes the relative capabilities of 40 Digital Business Solutions and Services providers and their abilities to address the requirements of four typical, frequently encountered categories of enterprise buyers (“archetypes”). Each archetype represents a unique set of business and technological needs and challenges. This report uses research and analysis from ISG’s long-running work with enterprise clients and business process outsourcing services providers to identify and examine key changes in, approaches for and buyers of Digital Business Solutions and Services. ISG map the user side requirements to provider-side offerings and capabilities.

According to this report, "Trianz keen focus on engineering allows them to deliver digital solutions that promote innovation and growth for both emerging and established enterprises. The company sums its statement of value to clients in three phrases ― business impact created, predictability in execution, and unique client experiences."

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