Capability drivers for IT operations consulting have changed dramatically over the last year. The Fourth Industrial Revolution’s pace of change and the resultant client need for speed, agility and scale with technology roll-outs is putting pressure on organizations to stay ahead of competitors, both traditional players and new entrants. These market trends are creating a significant demand for consulting firms, and providers need to be innovative and ahead of the curve themselves to guide clients effectively; providing strategy through execution, end-to-end service capability. The mission for consulting firms has, in many cases, evolved beyond simply aligning business and IT strategies. Now technology needs to be considered as the business strategy itself underpinning the entire enterprise’s capabilities, used to gain competitive advantage, business outcomes and value. CIOs must be strategic business enablers, creators and integrators, not simply service providers. The Board and C-suite are involved in this effort, just as they were when they saw headlines about cybersecurity breaches. Senior executives realize this is a battle to gain competitive advantage. 

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