One of the largest resellers in a leading online shopping marketplace in India needed help to keep pace with its rapid growth. Existing technologies, information systems and staffing needed to be evaluated regularly. There was also a need to maximize the availability of telephony, email, messaging, network connectivity, business infrastructure, office automation, and process automation systems.

The client partnered with Trianz to set up a managed services center to support its IT Infrastructure on AWS, thereby proactively and reactively addressing and resolving issues. We recommended processes that were not only compliant with industry standards and practices, but also rooted in experience with clients worldwide. With a well-defined governance structure and skilled resources across portfolios, Trianz built a managed services center that ensured infrastructure availability on a 24x7x365 basis. We also adopted a phased approach to transition work from in-house support teams to a fully managed services model.

The Business Challenge

Proactive and reactive support was needed to manage IT infrastructure on AWS, as well as govern associated policies, processes, contracts and documentation.

Technology Components

  • Infrastructure management through Ctrl-Dock
  • Device management on Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud infrastructure

The Approach

  • Studied the existing support structure and practices, including the environment for support and points of contact. Defined the mechanism for on-going support
  • Trianz’ project management and technology teams collaborated with the client to seamlessly transition the business process and production support activities
  • Gained familiarity with client-specific tools, call sharing between the client’s and Trianz’ team, review meetings, and reporting
  • Recommended a core service based on a ‘business as usual’ approach, including streamlined communication, ticketing, and periodic reporting

Transformational Effects

  • Improved operational efficiency and minimized costs related to acquisition, implementation, and operation of IT systems
  • Defined policy and procedures to secure the client’s IT assets and integrity of data, while ensuring compliance to security/ privacy requirements
  • Established comprehensive license management process for all IT assets
  • Increased visibility through robust service documentation and reporting structure

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