A Tier 1 insurance company needed a centralized workflow system to create and maintain mortgage loan transactions. Their old processes generated excessive paperwork, making tracking status and reconciling data both time consuming and inefficient. With only a fraction of documents digitized, hard copies of loan documents were stored in vaults. Further manual reconciliation led to costly inconsistencies and lack of transparency.

Trianz implemented a centralized workflow system with the ability to create, index, archive, and retrieve mortgage documents and communications. Configured an audit trail to seamlessly track documents at various stages. Enabled users to quickly estimate payments with an online loan calculator. Then added a centralized reporting dashboard to make the process transparent. The result? Faster, more effective decision-making related to mortgages, and beyond.


Lack of digitization and manual reconciliation lead to inefficiencies, inconsistencies, and lack of transparency in loan administration, accounting, tech services, and field offices.


ASP.NET, SharePoint 2010, Telerik Controls, and Quartz.NET.


  • Configured workflow with pre-defined events, tasks and subtasks
  • Executed delegation component for parallel processing
  • Built enterprise search feature to fetch deal documents
  • Enabled entitlement implementation based on roles
  • Created SharePoint repository for easy document migration
  • Established centralized dashboard with reporting and charting


  • Reduced dependency on paper documents
  • Increase productivity from workflow automation
  • Removed redundancy / duplication
  • Document vaulting in seconds
  • Increased transparency between groups
  • Reporting Dashboard

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