Accelerate Your Digital Transformation with ServiceNow Enterprise IT Management

Enterprise IT management has always been a complicated task, requiring significant time and financial investments. Traditional IT management solutions often helped with one or two aspects of IT management, but few offered a comprehensive, all-in-one solution to manage your enterprise IT. This meant you needed multiple tools to manage your enterprise IT fully, with further complications due to these tools lacking any integration.

With the advent of the cloud, new solutions like the ServiceNow platform have emerged. Unlike traditional solutions, ServiceNow aims to cover as many aspects of enterprise IT management as possible, bundling them all into a single unified management solution. This means that, rather than switching between tools, you have a single point of access for everything IT-related.

How to Achieve Success with ServiceNow


As with any IT solution, ServiceNow requires careful planning and implementation to be a success. Here are some recommendations that our experts follow when implementing ServiceNow:

  • Plan of action – A comprehensive plan will offer a solid foundation for your enterprise to build upon. It would help if you first understood what IT services you would like to manage through ServiceNow and identify the necessary tools on the platform that facilitate managing these services.

    As an example, your business may want to improve your governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) initiatives through ServiceNow. The ServiceNow GRC platform will meet these requirements by helping you improve business decisions and gain real-time visibility into the status of your enterprise GRC. You can also automate GRC tasks via integration with RBAC controls on your chosen cloud platform, helping you understand its potential.

    You can explore all offerings from ServiceNow through the product documentation page

  • Get stakeholders trained and onboard – ServiceNow will only reach its full potential if all stakeholders understand its purpose and work with your IT department. The best part of ServiceNow is the accessibility it offers, granting department heads unfettered access to powerful tools, all without the need to contact your IT department first. This will require upfront training, but the result will be devolution of IT management to key stakeholders and less low-level work for your IT department.

    ServiceNow offers a dedicated stakeholder registry for managing stakeholders across your business. After populating this registry, you can start assigning software and hardware assets, along with any IT projects they have requested. This will give stakeholders a sense of IT ownership and grant them more granular control and visibility over their department IT services through ServiceNow.

  • Self-service for employees – One of the most significant benefits of ServiceNow is automation. In this case, the automation of IT support functions can have a massive impact on IT workloads. Traditionally, IT departments deal with all service requests, regardless of whether they are low-level or business-critical.

    ServiceNow offers a Service Portal where you can provide documentation that educates and guides users through any problems they may encounter. This documentation resides in the Knowledge Base, and your IT department should start by analyzing which low-level requests are most common and easily remediable. You can provide documentation and portal access to all employees and promote the Knowledge Base as the first port of call for support requests.

Achieve ServiceNow Success with Trianz


ServiceNow has positively disrupted the enterprise IT management industry by providing an integrated solution of numerous services under the umbrella of a single platform. This simultaneously offers unprecedented simplicity and functionality to enterprises, significantly improving the quality of IT management.

Trianz holds a Premier Partner Status on ServiceNow, and our experts provide industry-leading assessment and implementation services for the platform. Accelerate your digital transformation today by getting in touch with our experts.

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