Achieving Seamless Services with AWS Application Migration

Businesses around the world are increasingly moving their application hosting to the cloud to leverage its unique combination of flexibility, scalability and cost efficiency. And Amazon Web Services or AWS has come to personify the cloud for many companies.

As the first and the largest provider of all types of cloud hosting, AWS is a clear choice for many companies working to divest their internal data centers and IT-heavy corporate infrastructure.

While many new application development projects start off on AWS in the first place, most enterprises continue to have a large catalog of legacy applications still in active use. It’s time-consuming and resource-intensive to redevelop those apps from scratch. However, a better option may be to engage a professional consulting firm like Trianz to migrate quickly and effectively to the AWS platform.

AWS powers cloud applications with proven technology

AWS is so popular for cloud hosting that most executives do not require additional convincing. By moving day-to-day operations to the cloud, AWS hosting allows both IT and business leaders to focus on core processes and key differentiators. AWS makes it easier with a fully developed platform that addresses the full spectrum of technical issues required in the cloud services.

  • Services for every use case - AWS has been around for long enough to provide the full set of services in one package to handle all your IT needs. With the ability to keep both processing and data services in the same cloud infrastructure maintenance, management and future development are all simplified and accelerated on AWS.

  • Hybrid capabilities for dual hosting - For companies that do not want to or cannot move applications entirely into the cloud at once, AWS offers an expanded array of hybrid hosting options that allow you to mix the best of on-prem and cloud application hosting, however you see fit.

  • Best-in-class security services - With hosting services trusted by the Defense Department and U.S. Government agencies, Amazon has demonstrated at the highest level that their platform security for cloud-hosted applications is second to none. Your data and code will always remain safe in AWS instances.

  • Global presence and perspectives - Amazon has the most extensive array of global hosting zones for application computing power, which means that your apps run on-demand with minimal lag irrespective of the location of your employees. All the while, they can be centrally managed from your IT operations center for maximum coordination and efficiency.

Although both cloud services in general, and AWS in particular, are easy choices, the path to application migration may give some companies pause. That’s why it makes sense to find a trusted migration partner with hands-on AWS experience to lead you through the process.

Trusted migration consulting paves the way for AWS application hosting

Trianz starts the migration process with a big picture view. Our industry-focused professionals have extensive experience not only with the AWS platform itself but also with every industry vertical. We understand regulatory concerns, unique processes and category risks that specifically apply to your business and concerns.

Our consultants are AWS-certified with sound technical knowledge, communication skills and business competencies. That means you can always rely on us to keep you in the loop and base decisions off, both IT demands and business outcomes.

Our transformation framework can combine both, off-the-shelf code and native development to ensure the best possible fit for your applications in the AWS paradigm and you don’t have to make hard choices between custom development and total migration. get in touch to discuss your specific migration requirements.

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